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With the Cross in View2

With The Cross In View

Calm run this morning. The motion of my feet hitting the pavement, tears falling from my eyes, raising my hands to the dark clouds that are about to unleash his promises … read more


On Marriage and the Mundane: Let’s Talk, Darling {new MOPS resource + a giveaway}

This morning in my MOPS group we talked about identity and life as a mom. As a discussion group leader, I held the group's questions in my hand, ready to ask the next, in … read more

Spring Flowers

The Good and Perfect Gift of Every Parenting Season

“Mommy, why do grown-ups get so sad when their kids get older?” It’s bedtime, and I’m tucking in her in, my nine-year-old in new spring pajamas. The season is changing, … read more

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Pregnancy & Baby

jaiden 12hrs after birth

The “Better” Birth: Considering Two Sides of Labor and Delivery

Today's guest post is from wife, mom and writer Kristi Bothur. I am so excited to share Kristi's post today because it's a wonderful example of the grace-based … read more

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Passover Meal

How to Share a Family Passover Meal

It can be incredibly daunting to think about sharing foundations of the Christian faith with our children. Ideas such as immaculate conception, death and resurrection are … read more

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The Promise of Easter: Redemption in the Pain

I feel like my difficult marriage, my divorce and now my subsequent hard-fought and still-coming healing all mirrors the Easter story. My marriage was, sadly, full of … read more

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Home Management

8 Tips to Managing Your Home in Survival Mode

A week into the New Year, we welcomed our third child.  Since then it’s been a blur of snuggles and first smiles, big sister adjustment, seemingly constant feedings, four … read more

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Happiness of Your Life

Rethink How You Think {review + giveaway}

It's been seven months since I began my journey to wellness. Seven months and 33 pounds lost. I came to the end of myself right around the time my mom was in the height … read more

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Social Responsibility

World Heart

3 Simple Ways to Open Your Child’s Heart to the World {w/ a giveaway!}

This weekend I had the great privilege of attending the Allume Conference with Kristy. We went into it not knowing what to expect and came out of it full of … read more

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