10 Scriptures for New Moms

We have so many expectant mamas (and some with brand new babies) in our community, I felt led to follow up my 10 Scriptures for Fighting Fear in Pregnancy post with 10 Scriptures for New Moms.

After all, scripture is our best defense against fear, stress, confusion, sleep deprivation. . .you name it.

So friends, here is my list of scriptures to help walk you through the early days with your newborn. These passages cover everything from looking to God for strength to seeking wisdom first and foremost. I pray these scriptures encourage and strengthen you during this exciting yet exhausting season.

{Note: This list is not just for new mamas. The good Lord knows all of us moms need scripture daily on strength and wisdom.}

To download a printable PDF version of this list, click here: 10 Scriptures for New Moms

What scriptures did you (or do you) cling to during your first days as a mother?

About Jessica Wolstenholm

Jessica Wolstenholm is co-founder of Grace for Moms. She is passionate about writing words of grace for moms and moms-to-be. Co-author of The Pregnancy Companion and The Baby Companion books, she also co-leads a community about TTC, infertility, pregnancy and new motherhood on Facebook. Connect with Jessica on Google +


  1. This is just great! I love the passages that you have included in this one; it really means a lot to a mom like me. Thanks for the share.

  2. Heather, so glad they ministered to you. Blessings on your day mama!

  3. I am a first time mom to an 8 day old baby. I am feeling lots of emotions and the feeling of regret, like I made a mistake. Please pray for me so that these feelings may be replaced with positive loving ones. I’m lost with The Lord and not sure I believe, even though I badly want to. I feel very troubled and need help. Thank you for these verses. I will come back to them when in need.

    • Hi Paige, Thank you for connecting with us. I am so sorry you are struggling. But I believe it’s so normal. Praying for you right now for strength and peace. God loves you and your baby so much. . .even if you aren’t sure you believe. He wants you to believe and I pray he will gently lead you back to himself through motherhood. I pray you will see how deeply he loves you as you fall in love with your own child. Please stay connected to us here.

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