What to do When You See Your Gynecologist at Target


While I have never actually read Emily Post’s book of etiquette, something tells me that there is not a section that specifically addresses how to react when you see your gynecologist in Target. Without clear guidance on the topic, ladies have to wing it. I work in a smallish sized town of about 62,000 people. […]

When There’s Nothing Left to Give

Adriel Multitasking

Source: thebeldam.tumblr.com via Adriel on Pinterest   You may recognize this quote by Anne Frank. My husband and I can testify to this truth when it comes to our finances. We’ve always given to others through tithes and offerings and missionary support. And even when it seems we’ve had little to give, we’ve always had […]

What to expect when you are THAT mom


I would never let my child behave that way, I thought to myself as  I was trying to buy groceries.  The mom checking out in front of me struggled as her toddler threw a complete fit. The screaming felt like nails on a chalkboard. Why doesn’t she just… Fast forward a decade, I was a mom […]

Launch Party Giveaway Winners!

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Friends, We want to thank you for making our launch party so much fun. It’s been so wonderful to converse with you all in the comments of our posts. We hope to continue the interaction and encourage one another in the months to come. You can find the winners for each giveaway on that day’s […]

Rest for Your Weary Soul {Spa Finder Giveaway!}

Bench at the London Zoo

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 (KJV) A few years ago I started meeting with a spiritual direction coach. Some might call her a counselor. I surely wanted to. Because I wanted her to counsel me and tell me what to do. But […]

Why I Chose Induction of Labor

{Photo Credit} I’ve had this post in my mind for a few months. Every time I went to write it I stalled, for fear of opening a huge can of worms on this blog. I realize there are many who are completely against induction of labor. I’m not trying to convince anyone they should choose […]

A Reachable Heart: CD Bundle {Giveaway}

Hand and Heart

Today I have the great privilege of sharing another song with you because our giveaway is a whole bunch of awesome CDs! I mean. . .a bunch! Don’t forget to enter to win at the bottom of this post, k?!?! When I first heard the song, Unreachable by Dara Maclean, I thought it was a […]

The Queen of Ethiopia: Saving Savvy Book {Giveaway}


My work and travel has afforded me incredible opportunity. I’ve stayed in five star hotels and I’ve stayed in straw-thatched shacks. I’ve sat with senators and I’ve sat with gypsies. I’ve dined on fine china and I’ve dined on palm leaves. I’ve traveled in limos and I’ve traveled next to chickens (and motorcycles) packed into […]

Finding Freedom from Fear: Spirit-Led Parenting {Giveaway}

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For years, I found security in rules and guidelines. As a relentless perfectionist, clear instruction manuals and answers gave me precious assurance that I could get everything right. Then I became a mother, and my baby did nothing by-the-book. Even more unnerving? I couldn’t follow the rules either. The charts and schedules I desperately wanted to […]

What’s the Deal with Membrane Stripping?

“Would you like me to strip your membranes? It hurts, but it might help put you into labor”  is a question I ask almost daily. The patient will usually pause and mentally weigh the misery of her current pregnant state versus the suggested discomfort of said, ‘membrane stripping.’ “How exactly do you do it?” she […]