5 Ways Under $5 to Self-Nurture in the Wake of a Mother’s Day Let Down

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In the days following Mother’s Day, there are usually two categories of mothers: those who feel almost embarrassed about how spoiled they were, and those who feel it was, how shall we say. . . less than ideal.

This is for the ones who felt a tad bit let down.

As much as we know we don’t want to be entitled or demanding or selfish in any way {and we really do know how blessed we are simply to be moms}, most moms look forward to Mother’s Day as a day where they can let go of many of the daily tasks of mothering and embrace being pampered and treated like royalty. {Anyone else potty training around here? Can we all say a zillion loads of laundry? Ai-yai-yai.}

I’ll go so far as to say most of us would even skip the fancy gifts if it meant some combination of having the house cleaned for us, fresh flowers and a homemade card, brunch prepared and cleaned-up {hallelujah!}, and a little afternoon downtime for a nap or some quiet reading with a spot of tea.

Can I get an AMEN? Wouldn’t one or two of those things be just divine?!

But if that wasn’t you, dear mama, if your beautiful breakfast was followed by 40 minutes of scraping pans and scrubbing floors, or if 10:00am rolled around and it was back to “business as usual” around your place, or if you were wrestling the littles to wash their faces and put on their shoes again so you could all get. out. the. door. for church. . . then it might be time for some Mother’s Day self love.

All you need is an hour or two of time to yourself {go ahead, plan ahead for next weekend!} and perhaps $5 or whatever you already have in your cupboard. The key to these ideas is that you do them during daylight hours, when you’re fresh enough to truly appreciate the opportunity to relax. So ask your husband {or mother or friend} to take the kids to the park or the library and ENJOY.

Here are five ideas under $5 for an hour of self-nurturing in the wake of a less-than-ideal Mother’s Day:

1. Watch Call the Midwife – I mean your favorite show – in the middle of the day with popcorn and a glass of wine or a tall glass of lemonade. {Middle of the day! Imagine!}

2. Take a book and a blanket outside and read chapters – chapters! – uninterrupted without falling asleep four minutes in like you normally do at the end of a long day. Munch on a fruit platter or some cheese and crackers and some icy-cold water.

3. Go to your favorite coffee shop, order your most coveted drink, and journal all the ways God’s changed you for the better since becoming a mom.

4. Turn up your favorite tunes and go for a run, bike ride, or a walk – NOT to get your quota of exercise in – but for the pure reason of getting outside. And then. . . finish up with a frozen yogurt or ice cream cone because: of course.

5. Pull out those knitting needles or the craft box, your jigsaw or a jigsaw puzzle and work on a project that brings you life. {NOT one from the “to do” list!} Listen to an encouraging podcast or an entertaining comedian and knit to your heart’s content.

coffee and book

Friends, I didn’t even mention anything related to a bubble bath or candles or chocolate, because: DUH. But if you go that route, do yourself a favor and clean the bath earlier that day. {Nothing like getting ready for a relaxing bath only to discover you must first work up a sweat cleaning the darn thing.}

These are not complex ideas, but they are surprisingly difficult to work into our every day routines unless we’re deliberate. Let’s turn a new leaf together and be intentional about prioritizing tenderness toward ourselves.

We are so blessed and privileged to be mothers – we all know that! I truly hope you got lavished with love in very tangible ways this Mother’s Day. But whether or not you felt it was all you were hoping for, allow me to grant you permission for a little self nurturing to bolster the love and appreciation for the most important mom in your family: YOU.

Because you, my dear, are amazing and entirely worth it.

Adriel Sig

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    We went to a casino for Mother’s Day and I didn’t win but walked away with a little bit of money. Today I treated myself to some makeup that I had been wanting. I think self-care is so important and we can’t depend on others for it.

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      That’s fun Caroline. When I have spending money, I sometimes like to get new make-up too. It’s definitely something that’s for me and only me, which is fun. :)

  2. 3


    Thank you for this! I ran my first race yesterday (10k) and had a light breakfast prepared by my husband, but today I felt like yesterday didn’t even happen. Especially when I found myself doing yesterday’s breakfast dishes so I could cook dinner tonight. Hopefully I can get around to one or two of these things soon :-)

    • 4


      Oh geese Kelly – that’s a tiny bit annoying! :) But how AWESOME that you ran your first 10K!!! You should be seriously proud of yourself – that’s a great accomplishment!

      I hope you’re able to do one or two of these – sounds like it would be a sweet blessing to help recharge those batteries a little bit.

      Happy Mother’s Day, belated. xx

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