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Family Story: Set the Stage {Developing Values}

Family Values

Over the past 9 years, loss has been a major theme in our family story. Since 2006, my husband and I have lost 4 babies through miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy and both of our mothers to horrible diseases. We fought hard to establish our family while we leaned in close to our siblings and fathers […]

5 Minutes with. . .Lindsay McCaul {+ a music giveaway}

Lindsay McCaul

Y’all, I am so thrilled to have my dear friend and one of my favorite artists, Lindsay McCaul on the blog today. I had the great privilege of working with Lindsay early in her career and now I get to watch her and cheer her on as she blesses the world with her music. Lindsay […]

2015 Reading List for Women

2015 Reading List for Women

It’s that time again {although I’m a little late in the New Year, sorry friends}. I am an unashamed book junkie with piles all over the house so one of my favorite things to do in December is go through my stacks and carefully pick out the titles I want to read throughout the next […]

Making Generosity Part of Your Family Story

Give Forward Header

One of the most powerful benefits of social media is being able to share news and needs with others in our lives. It’s amazing to see so many rally around a specific need almost immediately after it hits Facebook or Twitter. While this can be overwhelming since we’re now privy to needs we wouldn’t normally […]

How To Write Your Family Story

How to Write Your Family Story

Everywhere we turn we hear about story. As technology and media progress we’re all about telling stories through amazing films, moving books and well-crafted songs. We flock to social media platforms like Instagram to tell our own story through daily {sometimes hourly} photos and to watch the tale of others’ lives unfold in our feed. […]

Monthly Household Zone Cleaning {free printable plan}

Household Zone Cleaning

I absolutely hate cleaning. I hate it so much I work extra hours at my job so I can afford to pay someone else to clean my house. I’m not sure what it is because I enjoy a clean and organized space. I just feel like a hamster running ragged on his never-going-anywhere wheel when […]

The Thing We Need Most This Year + Why We’re Afraid of It

Writing Margin

Of all the places I’ve been, England is by far my favorite. Everything is so simple across the pond. Even their street signs are simply stated. One of my favorites, spotted as we pulled out of the airport parking lot, read: Give Way. It’s their non-fancy, obvious way of saying: Yield. Make room. . .allow […]

What if Small is the New Big?

Big Hot Air Balloon

I wrote this post early last year on my personal blog {which is a bit hidden and not widely read}. As we come to another new year and we think about goals and dreams with constant messages that we can and should all conquer the world, I felt compelled to share this here. Especially for […]

How to Set a Kid-Friendly Holiday Table

Kids Holiday Table 3

One of my favorite things to do is set a special dinner table. I love setting a table that tells a story, makes guests feel important and honors special people in our lives. With two small{ish} children, I sometimes shy away from a fancy table setting in fear they can’t handle the delicate items it […]