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Say and Pray Bible {review + giveaway}

Say & Pray Bible Review + Giveaway

My kiddos are now beyond the board book stage but I’m always on the lookout for adorable ways to introduce the littlest ones to Jesus and the Word of God. Tommy Nelson and Diane Stortz have once again created a wonderful tool for families with young children to build faith together. The Say & Pray […]

Amazon Prime Day: Better than Black Friday!

Amazon Prime Day

Have you been thinking about trying Amazon Prime but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? There are so many reasons to try Amazon Prime and take advantage of all it has to offer. Let me count the ways our family has utilized this incredible service. . . 1. Free 2 Day Shipping. We’ve absolutely used […]

6 Reasons to Try Apple Music for Your Family

6 Reasons to Try Apple Music for Your Family

Keep reading for 6 reasons you need to try Apple Music for your family + a few tips to get you started! Our house is full of music lovers. For my husband, music is a no-brainer. It’s one of the pleasures of life he loves most and a top priority for him. For me, even […]

Help for the Bad Mood Mom

Help for the Bad Mood Mom

Yesterday I shared my desire for freedom from the weight of motherhood in order to enjoy the true pleasure of being a mom. I mentioned my desire to be “free from the bad mood that clouds my head and my heart most days.” Maybe I wasn’t completely honest. Maybe I down played it a bit. […]

What Freedom Looks Like for Moms

Celebrate Freedom

We came home that day a family of four. After two years of struggle and loss we had fought the battles and won the war for our children. It was July 4th and so fitting that we would exhale on that day, free to now live and grow together, without battles to fight to see […]

In the Morning When I Rise Give Me Jesus

In the Morning When I Rise

It’s Monday. And this time I’m meeting the week with hope and expectation but there are times this is not the case. Mondays when I dread the week ahead. . .my never-ending to-do list. . .the lack of structure that summer brings and the anxiety that comes along with it. Been there? Or are you […]

11 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Summer

11 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Summer

We all need a little inspiration every now and then to get ourselves and our kiddos out of the mid-summer rut. If you are tired of hearing, “I’m bored” or you are tempted to say it yourself, try these eleven simple ways to freshen up your summer: 1. Try a new recipe every week. Use […]

Jesus Calling for Little Ones {review + giveaway}

Jesus Calling for Little Ones Review + Giveaway

Jesus Calling has been a big blessing for our entire family. I use the original version daily for a quick and meaningful devotion in the midst of crazy, busy days. My kids are beginning to use the children’s edition to connect with Jesus and I look forward to sharing the teen devotional with them in […]

10 Things I Learned about Life on Our Beach Vacation

10 Things I Learned About Life on Our Beach Vacation

Like many families, we headed out last month on our beach vacation hopeful to relax, connect and find a little adventure to help us refuel after a long season of busyness. I planned to unplug for the most part, deleting Facebook and other distractions from my phone. I longed to be present, to truly engage […]

Couples Massage: The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Couples Massage Father's Day Gift

Confession: I love a good massage. If I could afford it, I’d book a weekly appointment with a local massage therapist. Disclaimer: I’m incredibly modest. Which means said massage therapist would need to be a female. If only I could get a great massage at home while connecting with my husband after a long day?! […]