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On Marriage and the Mundane: Let’s Talk, Darling {new MOPS resource + a giveaway}


This morning in my MOPS group we talked about identity and life as a mom. As a discussion group leader, I held the group’s questions in my hand, ready to ask the next, in hopes of prompting lively conversation amongst the moms at our table. I read the question minutes before I asked it and […]

How to Share a Family Passover Meal

Passover Meal

It can be incredibly daunting to think about sharing foundations of the Christian faith with our children. Ideas such as immaculate conception, death and resurrection are way beyond our own understanding, let alone that of our kiddos. But the very essence of faith is taking the unseen and unbelievable and believing with hope. . .a […]

Teach Your Littles to Count Their Blessings {review + giveaway}

12 Little Blessings Book

“What are you thankful for, Joshua?” asked his big sister. She loves writing down her blessings for our blessings jar. . .mostly because she’s 5 and can write now. . .partly because it’s a fun activity. . .hopefully because we’ve taught her to have a heart of gratitude. “Nothing” my 2 year old replied. “You […]

My Story Noah, My Story Daniel {review + giveaway}

My Story Books 1

 Our resource spotlight this month focuses on books that will help you engage your children in specific Bible stories. We reviewed the My Story books last fall and now, Tommy Nelson is back with more titles to add to your collection. We are in love with these adorable books that share common Bible stories in […]

Rethink How You Think {review + giveaway}

Happiness of Your Life

It’s been seven months since I began my journey to wellness. Seven months and 33 pounds lost. I came to the end of myself right around the time my mom was in the height of her battle with cancer. I knew I needed to make a drastic life change in order to look to the […]

Quiet Moments for Moms {review + giveaway}

Quiet Moments for Moms

I just love meeting you here once in a while to share a book or resource that I have found helpful. I am personally addicted to books, always looking for another to add to my collection of inspiration and encouragement. Today I have the privilege of sharing a sweet book that is sure to minister […]

How To Live An Inspired Life


I found myself with thirty free minutes this afternoon . . . thirty minutes to myself because my toddler fell asleep watching a movie on the couch. We don’t bother with nap time anymore, so sleep-filled afternoons are a rarity. Snuggled next to him I didn’t realize he had dozed off until I heard his […]

Lent: Guiding Your Child Toward the Cross

A Child's Heart

Perhaps it’s because my parents couldn’t remember when I first asked Jesus into my heart or maybe it has something to do with my knowing just how important it is for us to get it while we are still young. . .anticipating my children’s first encounter with Jesus had me anxious for a long time. […]

Jesus and Me Bible Storybook {review+giveaway}

Jesus and Me 2

I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin our Lenten journey next week. The more I think about helping my kiddos build their relationship with Jesus, the more thrilled I get. If you haven’t yet downloaded your FREE guide, do it now and pray about joining us! And y’all, I’ve found the PERFECT […]

FREE Lent Guide to Move Your Family Toward the Cross

The Lent Experiment Sq

It’s here! It’s finally here! We are thrilled to have completed this important resource for our families. We hope you will pray about joining us over the next six weeks to introduce the incredible story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection to your children. The idea of sharing this HUGE story with your little ones […]

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