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Stress-Free Homemaking eCourse {it’s free!}

FREE Stress-Free Homemaking eCourse

Friend, are you a stressed-out homemaker? {and all the mamas raise their hand} We don’t  have to stay overwhelmed. Check out this free eCourse: 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking! Are you tired of getting behind on laundry? Do you struggle to keep your kitchen clean? Does the dinner hour have you harried? If so, […]

10 Life Giving Songs Your Kids Need to Know

Kids Playlist

Lately, as I introduce my children to music beyond our preschool playlist, I am rediscovering the power of songs. I worked in the music industry for over 15 years and after being away for 4, I’m now remembering why I was once so passionate about helping artists get their message to the masses. The right […]

Protecting Your Family Against Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

A few months ago I attended a mom’s group and our guest speaker was a woman from the Tennessee state government whose job is to educate and equip parents and leaders to protect children against child sexual abuse. The statistics she presented were sobering…frightening even. My girl is almost 7 and we’ve yet to address […]

What Are You Looking For?

Empty Tomb

My children’s Easter best lay in the laundry room, her twirly dress and his white shirt grass stained from their search for treat-filled eggs. There are buckets of candy taking over the kitchen as I wonder how long I must keep those treasures before discarding them for fear we’ll all gain 10 pounds before we […]

The Difference Between Best Friends and Soul Friends

Soul Friends

I’ve had best friends throughout the years. Some were seasonal and contextual. Some have stood the test of time, distance and changing seasons and are still present in my life today. Those ever present women I consider more than merely best friends. I think they could be soul friends. My short term friends and steadfast […]

Grown Up Devotional Books for Brave Girls

Brave Girls Devotional Books

You guys! My daughter is in first grade. My baby is about to finish her second year of school! She can read chapter books and do math problems on her own. She can write a letter to anyone. . . that makes sense! And while some mamas cringe and cry at the thought of their […]

How to Write Your Family Vision

Road Ahead Family Vision

It’s so easy to set ourselves on cruise control {especially us moms} in order to simply get through each week full of cooking, cleaning, helping with schoolwork, sports + other activities, caring for ourselves, our spouse and our children, not to mention other family and relational responsibilities. I’m exhausted just typing it all out. If […]

Family Story: Develop the Plan {Why We Need Vision}

Vision Planning

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Proverbs 29:18 We are 14 days from the onset of Spring and it cannot come too soon, in my opinion. Winter has taken its toll on me, both physically and emotionally. It’s hard to plan with unpredictable weather and honestly, the cold makes me depressed and longing […]

Words to Dream On: Bible Story Book {review + giveaway}

Words to Dream On Header

I’m going to admit it. . .as the kids get older and life gets busier, bedtime sometimes isn’t as sweet as it used to be. It’s not that we endure battles every night. It’s more about rushing through our nighttime routine because after extra curricular activities, homework and family time, it’s all of a sudden […]