Finding Delight When Christmas is…Different


Five. That’s the number of plastic bins filled with Christmas decorations that are sitting in storage beyond my physical reach. Each of those bins is filled to overflowing with the evidence of my love affair with all things Christmas: my beloved nativities from Bethlehem, Vietnam, and Mexico; ornaments given to me each year as a […]

Mary’s Response: The Only Question We Should Ask God

Mary's Response

Christmas time for me is all because of one main story, the story of Jesus and his virgin birth. We have all heard it from the time we can remember; Gabriel, an angel of the Lord visited Mary and brought her the news that she is going to have a baby! Do not be afraid, […]

Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin In Me

Let there Be Peace

I find myself fighting against anxiety on a daily basis these days. It’s as if there is a full blown war going on against the peace in my soul. At first I thought it was just the pressures of motherhood but it’s moved on to attack my marriage, relationships and the atmosphere in our home. […]

Building God’s Kingdom Books {review + giveaway}

Diggit Tipper Header

Knowing how to share life lessons with our kids can be challenging. Overwhelmed by the day to day demands and stresses of life, we are often left without words of wisdom to guide the faith and values of our children. I absolutely believe there is grace available daily to find effective ways to speak truth […]

This Little Light of Mine

Lighted Trees

My mind goes back to an old Sunday School room of fraying carpet and an out of tune piano. Sticker books filled with pictures of cats reading, “Blessed are the meek.” I sat eager to learn. Eager to listen. Eager to hear about Jesus, and David, and a little girl brought to life. And we […]

I Can Learn the Bible {review + giveaway}

I Can Learn the Bible

We’re just full of amazing resources this month. And just in time for Christmas!! The perfect companion to Devotions for Beginning Readers and one that spans a bit younger and older is I Can Learn the Bible by Holly Hawkins Shivers. I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures […]

Black Friday Deal: Grow with Me Advent for 50% off!

Advent Black Friday Header

I cannot believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and December starts in just a few days. If you haven’t yet settled on an Advent resource for your family, we hope you’ll consider joining us in following the Grow with Me guide. It’s on sale now for 50% off! for less than $3 you get a 100+ page […]

Devotions for Beginning Readers {review + giveaway}

Devotions for Beginning Readers

We have a new reader in our house and it’s so fun to see her pick up books and be able to read them without much help. As I watch her become more independent with her reading, I imagine her just a few years from now getting lost in fiction or diving into books on […]

Why I Choose to Follow Instead of Lead


  “Simon says, touch your toes. Simon says, stick out your tongue. Simon says, jump up and down. Now pat your head. “ And immediately a few of your young friends headed back to their seats after executing a movement without following proper instructions. They didn’t think it through, made a mistake, and had to […]

Walk with the Wise Men: An Elf on the Shelf Alternative

Walk with the Wise Men

It’s not that I have anything against that creepy little elf. It’s just that. . .well. . .he’s a little creepy. We’d managed to dodge the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon until my daughter started kindergarten and they did a version of it in class. Then all the kids began talking about where their elf […]