Family Story: How to Write Your Mission Statement

Family Mission Compass

A mission statement is a summary of goals, values and culture that provides a compass by which a company, organization or family is guided. As I mentioned when we first began sharing about family mission, most mission statements are clear and concise. The mission of a business may only be one sentence. As a family […]

Forgiveness: A Clear Heart


Forgiveness: to clean a slate; beg for pardon; absolve a debt. There have been countless experiences in my life when I have been called upon to forgive. Or, on the contrary, beg for mercy. Sometimes the act is simple and sweet; and at other times, it is gut-wrenching and complicated. Forgiveness can exhibit itself in many different variations […]

Welcoming Ashes and Watching Chains Break

Lent Reflection

I have never received a cross of ashes across my forehead.   This ceremony has not been a part of my faith tradition – not something I observed in my church as a child, or that I have participated in as an adult. Growing up, Ash Wednesday was simply the beginning of Lent, a season that I […]

Use Visuals to Share Faith with this Family Lent Devotional

Grow with Me Lent Family Devotional

  Using Visuals to Share Faith with Your Children Children develop their ability to comprehend and understand ideas through images or pictures as they learn and grow. Beginning with bold color and shapes in baby books, then moving through picture books, kids eventually abandon illustration for simple words on a page when they are ready. […]

Sharing the Hard Parts of Our Family Story


My husband and I met in college. I was a freshmen and he was a junior. We married just after I graduated and this year we will celebrate 13 years. When I look back over our 4 years of dating and each year of our marriage, I think about many happy things like our first […]

5 Resources to Help You Study Scripture

Resources for Bible Study

One of my own personal goals for this year is to better learn how to study Scripture and make it a priority. I have to admit that after having heard the same parables, verses, and stories through the years I have lost my awe and zeal at times for God’s Living Word. I take for […]

The Grace of God’s Work

Get Ready

Purpose. A simple word, for which many of us spend our entire lives searching. To discover that one special intention that we believe, in our heart-of-hearts,  we are destined to fulfill. The exact role that will inundate our life with its determined meaning. And to believe that once we have achieved this duty, we will feel totally and completely content.  Pleased. Satisfied. […]

5 Minutes with. . .Lindsay McCaul {+ a music giveaway}

Lindsay McCaul

Y’all, I am so thrilled to have my dear friend and one of my favorite artists, Lindsay McCaul on the blog today. I had the great privilege of working with Lindsay early in her career and now I get to watch her and cheer her on as she blesses the world with her music. Lindsay […]

Praying Through the Psalms

Praying through the Pslams

It’s that time of year. You know, the “I’m-going-to-lose-ten-pounds, get-up-everyday-at-5:00-AM, eat-only-kale, cut-back-my-time-on-the-Internet, run-a-marathon, and read-through-the-bible-twenty-seven times”  time of year… Yeah, that. Countless women and men all over the world are entering the new year with fresh goals and, in addition, have resolved to find ways of enveloping more Biblical reading within their minds and hearts. There are as many “methods” […]

Gratitude of Giving


Every year since we’ve had a child, I’ve sent out Christmas cards. This year it just may not happen. I knew in the fall when my friends were talking about their family photo shoots that I was already behind. I hadn’t scheduled a photography session, and even if I had,  there were no coordinated outfits […]