5 Resources to Help You Study Scripture

Resources for Bible Study

One of my own personal goals for this year is to better learn how to study Scripture and make it a priority. I have to admit that after having heard the same parables, verses, and stories through the years I have lost my awe and zeal at times for God’s Living Word. I take for […]

The Grace of God’s Work

Get Ready

Purpose. A simple word, for which many of us spend our entire lives searching. To discover that one special intention that we believe, in our heart-of-hearts,  we are destined to fulfill. The exact role that will inundate our life with its determined meaning. And to believe that once we have achieved this duty, we will feel totally and completely content.  Pleased. Satisfied. […]

5 Minutes with. . .Lindsay McCaul {+ a music giveaway}

Lindsay McCaul

Y’all, I am so thrilled to have my dear friend and one of my favorite artists, Lindsay McCaul on the blog today. I had the great privilege of working with Lindsay early in her career and now I get to watch her and cheer her on as she blesses the world with her music. Lindsay […]

Praying Through the Psalms

Praying through the Pslams

It’s that time of year. You know, the “I’m-going-to-lose-ten-pounds, get-up-everyday-at-5:00-AM, eat-only-kale, cut-back-my-time-on-the-Internet, run-a-marathon, and read-through-the-bible-twenty-seven times”  time of year… Yeah, that. Countless women and men all over the world are entering the new year with fresh goals and, in addition, have resolved to find ways of enveloping more Biblical reading within their minds and hearts. There are as many “methods” […]

Gratitude of Giving


Every year since we’ve had a child, I’ve sent out Christmas cards. This year it just may not happen. I knew in the fall when my friends were talking about their family photo shoots that I was already behind. I hadn’t scheduled a photography session, and even if I had,  there were no coordinated outfits […]

Finding Delight When Christmas is…Different


Five. That’s the number of plastic bins filled with Christmas decorations that are sitting in storage beyond my physical reach. Each of those bins is filled to overflowing with the evidence of my love affair with all things Christmas: my beloved nativities from Bethlehem, Vietnam, and Mexico; ornaments given to me each year as a […]

Mary’s Response: The Only Question We Should Ask God

Mary's Response

Christmas time for me is all because of one main story, the story of Jesus and his virgin birth. We have all heard it from the time we can remember; Gabriel, an angel of the Lord visited Mary and brought her the news that she is going to have a baby! Do not be afraid, […]

Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin In Me

Let there Be Peace

I find myself fighting against anxiety on a daily basis these days. It’s as if there is a full blown war going on against the peace in my soul. At first I thought it was just the pressures of motherhood but it’s moved on to attack my marriage, relationships and the atmosphere in our home. […]

Building God’s Kingdom Books {review + giveaway}

Diggit Tipper Header

Knowing how to share life lessons with our kids can be challenging. Overwhelmed by the day to day demands and stresses of life, we are often left without words of wisdom to guide the faith and values of our children. I absolutely believe there is grace available daily to find effective ways to speak truth […]

This Little Light of Mine

Lighted Trees

My mind goes back to an old Sunday School room of fraying carpet and an out of tune piano. Sticker books filled with pictures of cats reading, “Blessed are the meek.” I sat eager to learn. Eager to listen. Eager to hear about Jesus, and David, and a little girl brought to life. And we […]