With The Cross In View

With the Cross in View2

Calm run this morning. The motion of my feet hitting the pavement, tears falling from my eyes, raising my hands to the dark clouds that are about to unleash his promises in forms of pure water. . .exactly what my broken heart needed. Joy and pain collide in my soul a lot these days. Where my heart […]

Motherhood: A Drink Offering

Drink Offering

I often refer to this season as The Fire That Is Motherhood. You’ve felt the heat, haven’t you? Been singed a bit by the flames? Had a few selfish ways burned to dust? This Jesus we’re following along a Lenten path can identify with flames and scourges and pain infinitely greater. He endured the cross […]

The Promise of Easter: Redemption in the Pain


I feel like my difficult marriage, my divorce and now my subsequent hard-fought and still-coming healing all mirrors the Easter story. My marriage was, sadly, full of darkness and little deaths. Like Jesus on the cross, my marriage was a place of pain and seeming abandonment, by my spouse and what felt, at times, by […]

Redeeming Our Flaws: What We Can Offer God This Lenten Season

Mom with Flaws

Tears dripped hot as I tried to suppress the sobs that threatened to escape.  I sat at my son’s bedside wishing I could undo what had happened earlier.  There he slept peacefully unaware of my turmoil only inches away. Children see us at our best and also at our worst. It’s hard to hide our […]

A Beginner’s Guide to The Lent Experiment

Beginners Guide Lent

I grew up in the sort of religious establishment that outlawed short skirts and Jon Bon Jovi records. As for Lent? Lent was for Catholics. The only Catholic I knew owned a Jon Bon Jovi record, a Jon Bon Jovi poster, AND Jon Bon Jovi jersey-knit bedsheets. . .so, she didn’t count. Even though I […]

FREE Lent Guide to Move Your Family Toward the Cross

The Lent Experiment Sq

It’s here! It’s finally here! We are thrilled to have completed this important resource for our families. We hope you will pray about joining us over the next six weeks to introduce the incredible story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection to your children. The idea of sharing this HUGE story with your little ones […]

How to Beat the End of January Blues

Flowering Desert

Maybe you started this year off with grand ideas of change and plans and a blueprint for a better life. And maybe a few weeks in to the new year you’re already seeing those hopes deferred as life doesn’t look terribly different in January than it did in November. Regardless of the “if only’s” and […]

More for 2014: A Fresh Look at Ephesians 3:20

Ephesians 3

With the start of a new year I have been dreaming about all I would like to accomplish in 2014. And I have been praying.  Praying that God would help me accomplish my goals, that he would help me live each day intentionally with His purposes at the forefront of my mind and just that […]

The Gift of Each New Day

Lamentations 3

I am writing this blog while eating at Chick Fil A on the way home from a whirlwind last minute 12-hour Christmas trip. Nothing wrecks my nerves more than playgrounds at these places so my husband always graciously allows me a few minutes to myself while he watches the kids. Here I sit scrambling to […]

A Christmas Prayer

Merry Christmas

What better way to complete our Advent journey and welcome Christmas Day than with a prayer. Perhaps this prayer time will lead to your child accepting Christ as their savior or maybe it will simply be a prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus coming to be God with us. Use this prayer or write your own. […]

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