The Ultimate Foot Washing….Sole Hope

sole hope scripture

After spending years ministering to the lost, sick, and brokenhearted, as His last act of love before allowing Himself to be taken prisoner, Jesus chose to wash the disciples feet.  He knew it was going to be his last act of public ministry.  He could have preached to a multitude, he could have performed miracles, but […]

Pioneering Your Family Story: Inspiration from the Collie Family


A couple of months ago my husband and I were asked to go on a trip to Jinja, Uganda. We were asked to go as storytellers for a non-profit organization called Sole Hope. At first I jumped with an answer, “YES!”. Then my husband’s voice of reason echoed. “What about the kids?” “Why are we going again?” […]

Making Generosity Part of Your Family Story

Give Forward Header

One of the most powerful benefits of social media is being able to share news and needs with others in our lives. It’s amazing to see so many rally around a specific need almost immediately after it hits Facebook or Twitter. While this can be overwhelming since we’re now privy to needs we wouldn’t normally […]

Three Strands {Mission of the Month}

Three Strand

I am so excited to introduce to you to the founder of Three Strands, Stacy Coleman.  The night we met we instantly connected. We both walked through infertility and both of us now have 3 kids, but what connected me to her most was her passion. Get her talking about it….and it is inspiring. Personally, […]

In Response to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m not one to respond to topics that fill my Facebook feed…but this one is personal. I’m sure you’ve seen it…celebrities and maybe even some of your friends dumping buckets of ice water on their heads to raise awareness and funds for ALS. In the past few weeks, the ALS Association has seen 1000% growth […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About World Events

How To Talk To Kids About Current Events

The turmoil and suffering in the Middle East right now can be enough to make your mama heart feel like it’s going to break into pieces. You know your own kids can’t handle the weight of the information we’re all seeing in our news feeds, but you also want them to be prepared with God’s […]

Helping Mothers + Babies Worldwide With Hope Through Healing Hands

Healthy Mom Healthy Child

I had complete control and no control over my family planning. With PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), which makes it difficult to conceive and after several losses, including an Ectopic pregnancy in which I lost a fallopian tube, I felt completely out of control of my body. Yet, these challenges also led us to a fertility […]

Freedom from Entitlement: A July 4th Manifesto

American Flag

Summer is such an interesting time to observe my habits. Maybe it’s the lazy days and lack of structure but I feel like the worst of myself comes out between June and August. I’m having such a hard time getting into the zone of productivity, healthy living and focus. While I want to remain carefree […]

Mocha Club Purpose Project: Linking Arms in Education


As we’ve slowed down for the summer, packing up school supplies and paperwork from a successful year of Kindergarten, I’ve been so moved by how blessed we are in this country to have the educational opportunities we have. Whether our children are homeschooled, attend public or private school, we are blessed. Blessed with freedoms, resources […]

Finding Inspiration to Serve as a Family {Giveaway}

Serving as a Family

As my little ones get a little older, I find myself excited about the idea of being able to serve together as a family. What was once an anticipatory dream of working together to change the world around us is now within our reach. They are finally old enough to participate and understand what it […]