The Mother and Child Project: Spread the Word, Save Lives

The Mother and Child Project

Imagine this. . . You are walking your sweet baby in a brand new stroller through a wooded path in your suburban neighborhood. So thankful for a few moments to think as baby sleeps and you breathe in the fresh air, you finally feel at peace. You wonder what to make for dinner and whether […]

How to Engage Your Kids in a Summer of Serving

How to Engage Kids in a Summer of Serving

The flip flops are flopping and the smell of sunscreen is in the air, which means for those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is right around the corner.  One of the beautiful things about summer is that it gives us more time and energy to invest in things that we enjoy but that […]

When Your Summer Bucket List Changes Lives

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Let me start by saying I’m not a bucket list kind of girl. It feels like self-imposed pressure that I don’t want in my summer vibe. I believe in boredom and free play and hours picking at the grass. That’s what kids and summertime are all about, right? I also know if I don’t make […]

The Big Issue We’ve Missed While Judging the Duggar Family


Last month we honored National Child Abuse Prevention Month by introducing you to the organization, Stop Abuse and our dear friend Simon. We talked about the importance of empowering our children to protect themselves against sexual abuse. We shared staggering statistics and promised to help guide families to address this important topic. The latest media […]

The Ultimate Foot Washing….Sole Hope

sole hope scripture

After spending years ministering to the lost, sick, and brokenhearted, as His last act of love before allowing Himself to be taken prisoner, Jesus chose to wash the disciples feet.  He knew it was going to be his last act of public ministry.  He could have preached to a multitude, he could have performed miracles, but […]

Pioneering Your Family Story: Inspiration from the Collie Family


A couple of months ago my husband and I were asked to go on a trip to Jinja, Uganda. We were asked to go as storytellers for a non-profit organization called Sole Hope. At first I jumped with an answer, “YES!”. Then my husband’s voice of reason echoed. “What about the kids?” “Why are we going again?” […]

Making Generosity Part of Your Family Story

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One of the most powerful benefits of social media is being able to share news and needs with others in our lives. It’s amazing to see so many rally around a specific need almost immediately after it hits Facebook or Twitter. While this can be overwhelming since we’re now privy to needs we wouldn’t normally […]

Three Strands {Mission of the Month}

Three Strand

I am so excited to introduce to you to the founder of Three Strands, Stacy Coleman.  The night we met we instantly connected. We both walked through infertility and both of us now have 3 kids, but what connected me to her most was her passion. Get her talking about it….and it is inspiring. Personally, […]

In Response to the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Ice Bucket Challenge

I’m not one to respond to topics that fill my Facebook feed…but this one is personal. I’m sure you’ve seen it…celebrities and maybe even some of your friends dumping buckets of ice water on their heads to raise awareness and funds for ALS. In the past few weeks, the ALS Association has seen 1000% growth […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About World Events

How To Talk To Kids About Current Events

The turmoil and suffering in the Middle East right now can be enough to make your mama heart feel like it’s going to break into pieces. You know your own kids can’t handle the weight of the information we’re all seeing in our news feeds, but you also want them to be prepared with God’s […]