Cuz He’s the Mama

baby learning to walk

I forgot how endearing (and hilarious) it is – the learning-how-to-walk stage of babyhood.

And although he didn’t ask me if I was ready for it, apparently he was. (Seems somebody is impatient to keep up with his big brother. Never mind he’s just 10 months old.)

So right now we’re in that in-between phase – the clumsy steps of the drunken sailor wobble intermixed with highly efficient speed crawling. It’s adorable. And it’s also frustrating. Because often Judah’s desires run far ahead of his abilities and—to his dismay—mama seems just out of reach.

He’s easily flustered, stopping on his knees to bounce up and down and flap his arms like a wild man: “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma!” he calls out, really saying “pick me up mama, pleeeease pick me up! I neeeeeed you to pick me up!”

I sometimes wonder why he doesn’t just come to me. I’m right there. Paused, waiting, smiling, arms outstretched in invitation.

He’s only a few feet away.

He knows how to walk. Or even how to crawl if he’s feeling timid.

But he’s stuck, overcome with emotion. The only possible solution in his mind is that I come to him.

He desires to be scooped up, held, rescued.

I shake my head and chuckle and wonder why he gets stopped in his tracks like that.

And although I know he’s capable of coming to me, I go to him anyway.

Cuz I’m the mama and I will always come to him when he asks.

And I realize that He is like that too…

Sometimes I get stuck and I’m on my knees, arms flapping wildly, calling out, “Jesus-Jesus-Jesus-Jesus!” wondering what’s taking him so long and why he’s not rescuing me.

He looks at me with kindness, fully aware that I’m capable of coming to Him, but because He’s the mama, He comes to me instead.

He will always come to me when I ask.

And He will come to you, too.

I’m so glad He doesn’t leave us with arms flapping and flailing, but instead He gathers us under His.

“How often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings.” Matthew 23:37b

Lord, help us to remember.


Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck flapping your arms while waiting to be rescued? What holds you back from going to Jesus yourself?


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    Yes. I love this! I love that you sweet boy is getting ready to take off and tackle the world on his own (figuratively…) but that he’s still turning to you for help. And I love the lesson that you were able to pull from this. I am so thankful that I don’t get left on the floor waving my arms when I’m in need of rescuing. :)

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    Such a timely reminder for me since, as you know, my little guy is all over the place and likes to stomp his feet to get me to pick him up. I’m sure I look the same to my heavenly Father, often! Thanks for such a sweet post Adriel. Can’t believe these boys have grown so fast!

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