For the Mother Yet-To-Be {My Mother Letter}

Dear Mother Yet-To-Be,

I can hear the ache in your heart. It echos loudly in mine -

because I was once a mother yet-to-be.

I understand the longing unfulfilled, the questions, the pain. You wonder why you’ve yet to be chosen. . .chosen to lavish love on another like only you could. You wonder why you must wait while countless others go before you.

Oh how I understand. How I know the deep well of longing that often drowns all other aspects of life.

Your heart begs to know. . .What is so wrong with wanting to love with a mother love? How could this request go unnoticed. . . unanswered for so long?

You find yourself treading the path of bitterness and empathy yet you fight to keep your joy…

your peace…

your hope.

Oh dear mother yet-to-be, if I could I would kneel down to where you are, hold your face gently in the cup of my hands and wipe away your longing tears. I would whisper softly. . .

Mothers aren’t chosen. They are born.

They are born the moment a woman begins to long for life.

And as the Heavenly Father begins to fill your heart with hope, I would boldly say. . .


Stand up dear mother. Stand up and fight for your family.

Let His faithful heart of favor reveal His plan for your children. . .

Then rise up with your mother heart and walk in confidence to contend for what is yet t0 be.

Because it will be.

{This post is part of the Mother Letters link up. I encourage you to check out this beautiful and powerful book written by several amazing mothers with a heart to minister to YOU and me.}


About Jessica Wolstenholm

Jessica Wolstenholm is co-founder of Grace for Moms. She is passionate about writing words of grace for moms and moms-to-be. Co-author of The Pregnancy Companion and The Baby Companion books, she also co-leads a community about TTC, infertility, pregnancy and new motherhood on Facebook. Connect with Jessica on Google +


  1. Oh Jessica…I just had cycle #13 end maybe an hour ago. It’s been one of the hardest ones, because I’m pretty sure I was a full seven days late and showed a lot of signs of being pregnant. It was probably my second chemical pregnancy this year, but I’m in Japan and can’t get very sensitive pregnancy tests, so I couldn’t verify it. It is amazing timing to open up Google Reader and have this blog pop right up at the top. Thank you for the reminders to hope. Perhaps even more, thank you for the reminder that going through this longing and seeking God through it is part of what makes a mother.


    • Hi Pamela. I am so sorry that things didn’t come together this month. I understand the roller coaster of emotion. Please know that you have support across the ocean…we will be praying for you as you continue your journey. Motherhood has been born in your heart and your request does not go unnoticed by our heavenly Father. Peace to you today. Love and hugs! Jessica

  2. sarahlynn says:

    so beautifully written. thank you for sharing such kindness. and oh how i wish you (or anyone) could kneel beside me and just let me cry it out and pray together. this season has lasted a very long eight years and it feels so isolating.

    i needed this little reminder to stay strong in my faith that we will have a family. thank you from the bottom of my broken (yet healing) heart.


    • Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for sharing here. I’m so sorry that your season has endured. I can sense even through your comment that you are filled with strength. One of my favorite verses when I was waiting was Psalm 113:9 “He places the barren woman in her home as the happy mother of children.” I will believe that with you! Peace to you today! Jessica

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