I Love You No Matter What {Children’s Book Giveaway}

1400321956.jpgI’ve been thinking a lot lately about unconditional love. Actually, if I’m honest, I’ve been convicted lately about it. It dawned on me the other day that my love – or perhaps more my actions – are greatly affected by how my children act {did I just admit that in writing?!}. I prayed through tears, while hidden in the bathroom on a tough day, as I realized this great shortcoming. How can I not love my children as unconditionally as He loves me?

Of course His grace spoke to my tired and weary heart and assured me that in my humanity, unconditional love is something to be learned, even developed. He assured me that I do love my children deeply and that sometimes life creeps in and overshadows that love.

I love how He loves me. Unconditionally.

In the midst of this process, I had the privilege of reading a sweet children’s book {I just love how God works things together like that}. I Love You No Matter What is a retelling of the story of the prodigal son with an adorable little bird named, Prince Chirpio as the centerpiece. The story begins by telling our often daily story, “Today has been a bad day. Little blue had. . . . First his father was sad, then he was angry, and finally he just shook his head at his little bluebird.” {Been there!}

Little Blue decides that his father must not love him anymore {ouch!} and that he must leave the nest. Before he “goes”, however, his father tells him a story of Prince Chirpio.

The story ends with a mantra I’d like to adopt for my sweet {but human} children. “On fun days and sad days and happy days and mad days. When you make mistakes and when you make a mess. I will always love you, Little Blue. . .”

No matter what.

Such a sweet story to tell your children, especially on the hard days. I highly recommend this book for families of preschoolers {especially} but I believe early elementary children will enjoy it too. Our friends at Tommy Nelson are giving us a copy to give away today! Because I know some days are harder than others and sometimes it just takes a little treat to get you through, we are throwing in a $5 Starbucks giftcard for mama to get herself a little something after a tough day. Enter below through Rafflecopter!!

How have you typically responded on the toughest of days with your kids? How have you accessed the grace of God to assure you that you do love them, no matter what?

Jessica Sig

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    I have been so convicted in this lately too! I find myself impatient a lot lately. I seem to get to this place of frustration too quickly and easily. When I am under a lot of general stress of things outside of my children it seems they pay the price with their mom’s short fuse. They are all with me all day so they see all sides. I am learning that I do need to escape for a moment and refocus because ultimately I love them no matter what and they shouldn’t think any different because mommy gets emotional sometimes. I do also explain to them that God and mommy are always working on me etc and that I am not perfect. I apologize when a reaction warrants it and remind them of how much I love them. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to keep letting God refine me in this area. I would love this sweet book! :)

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    Scripture posted around my house- and my bigger key has been daily time memorizing/reviewing memory work– oh how it helps a weary mom’s heart to make stronger, better choices!

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    Amanda Smith says

    I have been struggling with this and have shed many tears over how my husband and I sometimes talk to my daughter. She is two and showing every bit of her growing need for independence. Getting her to listen is a constant battle and it makes me and my husband weary, especially with our new baby that just arrived. We are very supportive of one another and give one another breaks when we can see we are hitting a wall. I really needed to read this post today. I have read somewhere that bad moments don’t make bad mommas. This momma sure hangs on to a lot of guilt though.

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    Carrie says

    I have begun to say to them, “you are doing great. I’m proud of you!” And giving a hug. One of my girls has been especially difficult these days (and nights) and it keeps me calm to say this!

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    Dawn Marie Jackson says

    I struggle daily with this. I have 3 growing boys and babysit 2 girls every day. A friend suggested getting up early and reading The Word. But it still didn’t seem to be enough. So my friend bought me a index card thing with a spiral binder to write verses in so I can carry them with me and study them. Love it!

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    Katie says

    I try to have a quiet time each morning while my baby naps. I read my daily devotional and spend time in prayer. I can honestly tell a difference in the days where I make other things a priority vs. reading/praying.

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    the hard days are HARD! I have seen God’s faithfulness, in those moments where I think I just can’t make it, and He gives me soft words when I want to be harsh, gentleness when I want to throw a major temper tantrum, and love when I just want to be mad about it! I think in response to all the prayers while NOT in those moments, God gives us what we need IN those moments. I definitely notice a difference when I spend time praying or reading the Bible to start the day– it changes my entire approach to the day. oh, and playing worship music throughout the day affects the tone of our home greatly and I notice I am more “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry”. praise Jesus!

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    Stephanie says

    I stop what I am doing and just take a deep breath! Sometimes I just get so busy and focused that when things start falling apart I just keep on going instead of asking for God’s help right there in the moment. :)

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    Jill Hartley says

    I pray… a lot… humble myself… and turn on the song “Cry Out to Jesus.” It always seems to bring me back to center.

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    Joslyn says

    i try to remember there are worse days/things than this and then think of all i can be thankful for instead of the bad things

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