3 Marriage Truths I Discovered on Downton Abbey

The greatest love story I’ve ever known has been my own. But lately I’ve enjoyed watching Matthew and Mary find their love. This past Sunday night’s episode of

I wish I could tell you the formula for having your own great love story–but there isn’t a formula. There is however one critical ingredient – have each others’ backs.

I am blessed with the most amazing husband.

I know he has my back.

When I feel like I’m failing, he is there to encourage me.

When I’m feeling misunderstood, he gets me.

When I doubt myself, he believes in me.

Life can be pretty crazy, and there are times when you need at least one person on your side. I know my husband is on my side all the time. Even in the heat of a disagreement, sometimes we remind each other that we are on the same team. That gentle reminder is often enough to help us find the same page.

Marriage is hard, and life is even harder. But knowing someone always has your back, is priceless.

Be sure you are priceless to your husband. Believe the best of him. Always be on his team, and always be his loudest cheerleader.

In what ways do you struggle with having your husband’s back? How can you show him that you truly are on his side?



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