Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Each and every one of us has a story to tell. Since motherhood comes with a host of experiences, lessons and unavoidable missteps, we can only benefit from exchanging our stories to help each other grow along the journey. We are always looking for guest posts from moms in the trenches or mentor moms who have years of experience to share.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please email your post along with an appropriate post photo, your bio and your photo to jesswolstenholm{at}gmail{dot}com

Please allow a week for us to get back with you on your submission. If your post is approved, we will let you know when it is scheduled to be published.

Please follow these guidelines when writing your post:

  1. Post should be 300-400 words.
  2. Post topic should fall under one of the following categories: trying to conceive, pregnancy, baby, motherhood, faith, family, home {decor/organization}, friendship, you {fashion, fitness, beauty}, social responsibility.
  3. Post title should be short, catchy and clearly express the content of the post. We reserve the right to adjust post titles.
  4. Use scripture in your post if possible. We always want to point readers to the Word when discussing a topic or sharing a story.
  5. If your topic is one with two sides, (i.e. Breast vs. Bottle-feeding or Recycling vs. Not Recycling, etc) we ask that you share your viewpoint with grace as your guide. We will not judge, condemn or alienate our readers in any way. We simply wish to start a conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: While we do accept guest posts, we consider all unsolicited posts that include back links to be sponsored posts and subject to our sponsored post ad rate.

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