FREE Lent Guide to Move Your Family Toward the Cross

The Lent Experiment Sq

It’s here! It’s finally here! We are thrilled to have completed this important resource for our families. We hope you will pray about joining us over the next six weeks to introduce the incredible story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection to your children. The idea of sharing this HUGE story with your little ones […]

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Child

Fall in Love With Your Child

Last fall was pretty rocky on the mom front. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to run far, far away. Thus the impetus for this crazy little post, a hypothetical two weeks notice. Since then, I’ve been earnestly searching for deeper mother-heart fullness and a true love for my children. And I’m beginning to find […]

What Are You Expecting In 2014?

Expect God

This past Friday, Adriel wrote a very encouraging post about beating the end of January blues if the year hasn’t started out like you had hoped. I thought this guest post from our new friend Sarah Coleman was the perfect follow up. I just love Sarah’s expectant heart and I believe her words will light […]

#31 Days, Day 8/9: Be Still

Be still and know that I am God

I’m not pushing myself to follow this 31 Days challenge perfectly. I know my amazing Grace for Moms co-writers will join me from time to time here. But right now, I’m taking it one day at a time as I feel led to share. I hope that’s OK. After all, our journey of faith should […]

#31days, Day 7: A Prayer For When You Are Sinking

A prayer for when you are sinking

I’m trying real hard to step out of the boat friends. Real hard. I know the truth and most of the time I believe it but to be honest, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I am so angry at sickness and injustice and I wonder why we never see the miracles we were promised in the […]

#31days, Day 4: Faith and Grace for the Strong Willed Child

strong willed child

This month at Grace for Moms we are talking about stepping out in faith in different areas of our lives. I have been challenged lately to step out in faith and believe that God will help me and my husband parent our children in the grace and knowledge of Christ so that they mature into […]

#31days, Day 1: Our Hope Is An Anchor

Hebrews 6 Hope

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the imagery of faith often points back to the boat. Jesus’ call to Peter on the water is a foundational story in the earliest accounts of bold faith. But think about it. . .if we were on a boat in the middle of a lake or ocean today […]

31 Days to Stepping Out of the Boat

31 Days Banner

I wasn’t going to participate in the 31 Days Blog Series this year. Working hard to simplify our lives and the work of our hands, Kristy and I thought it best to lay it aside. . .though we had several fun ideas. My mom has cancer and today was a tough day. Despite several attempts […]

The Practice of God’s Presence

The Practice of God's Presence

I’m finding it easier these days to put a book down, to close my laptop, and to bring myself to the feet of Jesus. It hasn’t always been this way. Time with God was only for those 15 min. in the morning or before bed. You know when I would have my “devotions”. I met […]

5 Bible Study Tips for Busy Moms {an interview with Angela Thomas}

Open Bible, with textured granite background.

{I am so thrilled to have author/speaker, Angela Thomas as a guest on Grace for Moms today. I’ve had the great honor of working side by side with this amazing woman and I’m privileged to call her friend. She is one of the strongest, most God-seeking women I know. What I love most about what […]

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