What an Emergency C-Section is Really Like

What an Emergency C-Section is Really Like

As I hold the scalpel over the patient’s abdomen, I notice my clenched hand is shaking ever so slightly. Taking a deep breath, I loosen my grip but can still feel the adrenaline in my veins. As I wait for anesthesia to insert the breathing tube so I can start the c-section, I reluctantly glance at […]

Why I am Giving my Kids the HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccine

An immunization that could prevent cancer? It seemed like far fetched science fiction when I first heard the rumors as a medical student, but fast forward 15 years and now I  give it to my patients almost every day. HPV (Human papilloma virus) infects the skin of the genitals and the throat, potentially transforming normal […]

10 Most Important Habits of a Healthy and Happy Mom

Happy Healthy Mom

“Long time, no see!” My dentist jokingly scolded me, last week as the hygienist probed my gums. “Yeah, sorry I had to reschedule my last appointment.” I sheepishly replied. “You haven’t been here in 2 years.” He chided. I was shocked. Time had slipped past in a tizzy of deadlines and deliveries. I would have […]

Should Sex Hurt?

sex, should sex hurt, pain

As a gynecologist I’ve learned that every woman’s definition of  “normal” is different. This is especially true concerning sex. I have seen women who put up with pain for years thinking it’s normal, while others come to my office with every twinge. Sex should be a highlight of the marriage relationship, not something looked at […]

Fearing the Worst: The Real Risks of Stillbirth


    Stillbirth. Just saying the word makes me cringe and take a deep breath to avoid feeling nauseated. Loss after 20 weeks in pregnancy is medically referred to as stillbirth. Luckily, the risk of this type of loss is rare.  The current rate in the US at 6/1000.  Still, it’s a common fear among pregnant […]