Sharing the Hard Parts of Our Family Story


My husband and I met in college. I was a freshmen and he was a junior. We married just after I graduated and this year we will celebrate 13 years. When I look back over our 4 years of dating and each year of our marriage, I think about many happy things like our first […]

Family Story: How to Write Your Values Statement


So we have explored what your values look like according to snapshots of your lifestyle and we have begun the process of developing our family values.  Now it’s time to prioritize and solidify what we have found and actually write out our family values. Values come from our experiences, culture, and faith. Our initial set […]

Family Story: Set the Stage {Developing Values}

Family Values

Over the past 9 years, loss has been a major theme in our family story. Since 2006, my husband and I have lost 4 babies through miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy and both of our mothers to horrible diseases. We fought hard to establish our family while we leaned in close to our siblings and fathers […]

Making Generosity Part of Your Family Story

Give Forward Header

One of the most powerful benefits of social media is being able to share news and needs with others in our lives. It’s amazing to see so many rally around a specific need almost immediately after it hits Facebook or Twitter. While this can be overwhelming since we’re now privy to needs we wouldn’t normally […]

Simple Meal Planning to Help You Get Dinner on the Table

Simple Meal Planning

Thinking about meal planning each week evokes probably the same sentiment for me, as it does for you: “Blah, do I have to do that again?” That’s coming from someone who thinks food should be considered the sixth love language. I absolutely adore cooking, but planning what to cook for the week can be a […]

How To Write Your Family Story

How to Write Your Family Story

Everywhere we turn we hear about story. As technology and media progress we’re all about telling stories through amazing films, moving books and well-crafted songs. We flock to social media platforms like Instagram to tell our own story through daily {sometimes hourly} photos and to watch the tale of others’ lives unfold in our feed. […]

How to Set a Kid-Friendly Holiday Table

Kids Holiday Table 3

One of my favorite things to do is set a special dinner table. I love setting a table that tells a story, makes guests feel important and honors special people in our lives. With two small{ish} children, I sometimes shy away from a fancy table setting in fear they can’t handle the delicate items it […]

Black Friday Deal: Grow with Me Advent for 50% off!

Advent Black Friday Header

I cannot believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and December starts in just a few days. If you haven’t yet settled on an Advent resource for your family, we hope you’ll consider joining us in following the Grow with Me guide. It’s on sale now for 50% off! for less than $3 you get a 100+ page […]

Family Faith-Building: Teaching Kids About Forgiveness


“Be gentle with one another, sensitive. Forgive one another as quickly and thoroughly as God in Christ forgave you.” —Ephesians 4:32, MSG Several years ago I was preparing to teach a group of university students on the power of forgiveness. After the teaching I planned to give some steps they might go through in order […]

Family Faith-Building: Teaching Kids about Gratitude

Teaching Kids Gratitude

  We talk about being thankful a lot in our house but there often still seems to be a lack of gratitude. I believe we can and should practice gratitude on a practical level but until the spirit of thanksgiving takes over our hearts, we’ll never feel like we have enough. For a while {and […]