The 30 Minutes a Day 30 Day Challenge

30 Minute Challenge

Spring is here and I find myself mentally making all kinds of resolutions—much like I did at the start of the year.  The problem is, as a mother, I am often tired {okay, I almost always feel tired…lol} and it is much easier for me to dream about doing things than take action to do […]

Lent: Guiding Your Child Toward the Cross

A Child's Heart

Perhaps it’s because my parents couldn’t remember when I first asked Jesus into my heart or maybe it has something to do with my knowing just how important it is for us to get it while we are still young. . .anticipating my children’s first encounter with Jesus had me anxious for a long time. […]

Jesus and Me Bible Storybook {review+giveaway}

Jesus and Me 2

I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin our Lenten journey next week. The more I think about helping my kiddos build their relationship with Jesus, the more thrilled I get. If you haven’t yet downloaded your FREE guide, do it now and pray about joining us! And y’all, I’ve found the PERFECT […]

Finding Inspiration to Serve as a Family {Giveaway}

Serving as a Family

As my little ones get a little older, I find myself excited about the idea of being able to serve together as a family. What was once an anticipatory dream of working together to change the world around us is now within our reach. They are finally old enough to participate and understand what it […]

Family Devotional Books For All Ages {Review + Giveaway}

Family Devotional Books

Do have have a hard time finding space to consistently do devotions or read the Bible with your kids? I get it. I really do. We’re rushing throughout our days. Late to school. Running behind on all those errands we need to get through. Then late to bed and who has the energy to talk […]

The Christmas Confession {guest post from Tracey Goss}

Christmas Forgiveness

It was Christmas Eve and all was right with my world. The 3 bros flying circus was experiencing a rare moment of tranquility and brotherly love. It was like a scene from the 50’s Christmas classic, White Christmas, except there was no snow {we live in Southern California}. Our weathered minivan was transformed into a Cathedral […]

Mending a Broken Christmas with Prayer {Elisabeth}

Broken Christmas

Traditions and rituals are beautiful things. They help mark the passing of time, they help us remember where we come from, where we’ve been, and where we are now.  They help us hold out a steady post for our future, as we know that no matter what the year will bring, we’ll all be back […]

Christmas Eve, Peanut Butter Balls, and Thankfulness {Beth}

Peanut Butter Balls

Christmas has always been my favorite season of the year. I love everything about it – decorations, food, traditions, special events, food – did I mention I love the food? My mother’s extended family, it’s safe to say, is known for enjoying a good meal, and for nearly 100 years, generations of this family have […]

Jesus’ Birthday Cake {Jenevieve}

Home for the Holidays Big

This month we’ll be taking a peek inside our writers’ “homes” and their family traditions. We hope you enjoy reading about these traditions and are encouraged by what each of these amazing women have to share. We consider this space our home. . .a place with an open door that we hope you’ll visit often. […]

Advent: Waiting in Expectation

Advent Waiting in Expectation

The word Advent means, “coming”. The season of Advent, as observed by many Christian churches, is a time of waiting in expectation and preparing for Christmas. Growing up in an evangelical Christian church, we didn’t observe Advent. Our Christmas preparations consisted of shopping, cooking, baking and practicing the music we would perform on Christmas Eve. […]

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