When Motherhood is a Mirror

When Motherhood is a Mirror

Lately, I’ve not been able to utter a word without hearing my mother’s voice. In the last 6 months I’ve realized how much I sound like her. She echos each word I say as if she were standing right next to me, in every mothering moment. Since losing her 18 months ago, she dwells within […]

Teaching Your Child to Love Healthy Food

Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy

As moms we want our kids to eat healthy. Building a growing body with nutrients from a rainbow of foods goes a long way to assure a healthy future for our children. But it’s not always easy to get your kids to eat healthy. Kids will be kids and there are times that we want […]

An Unfinished Family Photo

An Unfinished Family Photo

Peoples’ eyebrows raise when they see our family photo. They often exclaim something like “Holy cow! Are all those yours?” We have a big family. Six kids. There was a time when we had one child in potty training and one in driver’s training at the same time. Learning to juggle carpools, soccer games and […]

I Need a Do-Over: Learning When to Hit Reset


Do you ever want a do-over? I think we’ve all been there. Sometimes I find myself there on a daily basis. Wishing I could rewind time and respond differently, wishing I could slow down and focus on what really matters, feeling guilty for reacting with anger, impatience, anxiety or stress. Yesterday, I caught myself so […]

10 Life Giving Songs Your Kids Need to Know

Kids Playlist

Lately, as I introduce my children to music beyond our preschool playlist, I am rediscovering the power of songs. I worked in the music industry for over 15 years and after being away for 4, I’m now remembering why I was once so passionate about helping artists get their message to the masses. The right […]

To the Mom Whose Child is Leaving…

College Daughter

I was that mother {and by was, I mean, I still am}. The one who marched her kids to the front yard for a first-day-of-school picture and then cried as I walked, or drove, back home. Or now, while my kids drive themselves away to the school. This past August, we had our last “both-kids-in-the-picture” photo, because […]

Protecting Your Family Against Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse

A few months ago I attended a mom’s group and our guest speaker was a woman from the Tennessee state government whose job is to educate and equip parents and leaders to protect children against child sexual abuse. The statistics she presented were sobering…frightening even. My girl is almost 7 and we’ve yet to address […]

Family Story: Develop the Plan {Short and Long Term Vision}

Vision Glasses

Now that we have taken a magnifying glass to assess our family more closely, it’s time to pull out some bifocals.  You have identified your family’s values {the what}, your family’s mission {the why} and now it’s time to tackle vision {the how}. We imagine and dream of what our family will look like, what we […]