A Great Christmas Gift Idea for Family Members

Little Ballerina

We know that education and learning continues when the school day ends and there are a lot of parents and guardians out there who can use a little help paying for various activities and learning opportunities. Faced with buying food or paying for music lessons or summer camp should not be an either/or decision when […]

15 Truths You Need to Know About Money

Money Shot

Everyday faith for everyday finances I bet if I told you our monthly income you would do one of two things: gasp and then go silent or laugh nervously. Honestly, it’s that small. For more than twelve years my husband and I have served in full-time ministry where we’ve had to raise 100% of our […]

The Queen of Ethiopia: Saving Savvy Book {Giveaway}


My work and travel has afforded me incredible opportunity. I’ve stayed in five star hotels and I’ve stayed in straw-thatched shacks. I’ve sat with senators and I’ve sat with gypsies. I’ve dined on fine china and I’ve dined on palm leaves. I’ve traveled in limos and I’ve traveled next to chickens (and motorcycles) packed into […]