Mocha Club Purpose Project: Linking Arms in Education


As we’ve slowed down for the summer, packing up school supplies and paperwork from a successful year of Kindergarten, I’ve been so moved by how blessed we are in this country to have the educational opportunities we have. Whether our children are homeschooled, attend public or private school, we are blessed. Blessed with freedoms, resources […]

What Makes You Happy?

nest necklaceedit

  She called and left a message. We hadn’t talked in years, so she didn’t even know about my third child. To get a hold of me she had to track down my husband and ask for my number. Then a couple of days later she called again and this time I was able to […]

Moving Our Kids Beyond ‘Me First’

Social Responsibility

My great grandfather used to say that we spend the first two years of children’s lives serving them and the rest of their lives encouraging them to serve others.  We give them everything during the first several months of their lives and then spend what feels like eternity, or at least for me lately, teaching […]

When There’s Nothing Left to Give

Adriel Multitasking

Source: via Adriel on Pinterest   You may recognize this quote by Anne Frank. My husband and I can testify to this truth when it comes to our finances. We’ve always given to others through tithes and offerings and missionary support. And even when it seems we’ve had little to give, we’ve always had […]