How to Write Your Family Vision

Road Ahead Family Vision

It’s so easy to set ourselves on cruise control {especially us moms} in order to simply get through each week full of cooking, cleaning, helping with schoolwork, sports + other activities, caring for ourselves, our spouse and our children, not to mention other family and relational responsibilities. I’m exhausted just typing it all out. If […]

Family Story: Develop the Plan {Short and Long Term Vision}

Vision Glasses

Now that we have taken a magnifying glass to assess our family more closely, it’s time to pull out some bifocals.  You have identified your family’s values {the what}, your family’s mission {the why} and now it’s time to tackle vision {the how}. We imagine and dream of what our family will look like, what we […]

What if Small is the New Big?

Big Hot Air Balloon

I wrote this post early last year on my personal blog {which is a bit hidden and not widely read}. As we come to another new year and we think about goals and dreams with constant messages that we can and should all conquer the world, I felt compelled to share this here. Especially for […]

New Years Redo

Newness of spring

I’m typing this on March 25, and while it’s technically spring, I am looking out the window at a layer of snow. Song lyrics like “The cold never bothered me anyway” and “Do you want to build a snowman?” lost their appeal weeks ago. {Can I get an amen?} Maybe because of the extended winter […]

What Are You Expecting In 2014?

Expect God

This past Friday, Adriel wrote a very encouraging post about beating the end of January blues if the year hasn’t started out like you had hoped. I thought this guest post from our new friend Sarah Coleman was the perfect follow up. I just love Sarah’s expectant heart and I believe her words will light […]

What To Do When You Just Want The New Year To Start

New Year 2014

Though it’s hard to believe the year is over, 2013 could not come to an end soon enough for me. This year has been hard on so many levels. Becoming a school mom, changes in my husband’s job, losing my mom, a wellness journey that has seen great results but has been hard. . . […]

Finishing Well

finishing well

It’s hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone. My house doesn’t know that Christmas is over. Slowly but surely, the Christmas decorations are coming down. I usually take all the decorations down at once, but this year, I’ve decided to take my time. There is no need for Advent calendars now, but I’m […]

5 Goals To Make The Best Use Of Our Summer

Ephesians 5

It’s the beginning of June. Long summer days stretch out in front of us – and most moms are scrambling to find things for kids to do for the next couple of months. I see Facebook pleas everyday for help in finding activities to stave off the cries of “I’m bored!” Look carefully then how […]

Top 10 Ways to Start the New Year

Calendar Pic

{This post was originally posted in January. But hey, it’s never too late to have a fresh start, right?!} 10. Clean out your undies drawer. I mean, who needs last year’s Hanes Her Way styles anyway? 9. Collect all of last year’s magazines lying around your house and take them to the recycle bin. Wait, […]