Remembering the Miracle of Motherhood

Remembering the Miracle of Motherhood

Hey beautiful mom. I see you there. You’ve finished another day in the trenches of motherhood. Weariness is settling into your bones, and you’re wondering how you can do it again tomorrow. This role as a mom is funny like that; all the joy and happiness twisted with the hard and painful. Every mother has […]

3 Simple Ways to Tame a Competitive Mom Nature

3 Ways to Tame a Competitive Mom Nature

I hate to have to admit this but I’m a pretty competitive person. Whether it’s a simple game of Monopoly or the annual Dillard’s sale each January {you know – the one where the whole store is like 75% off}, I want to finish first…to take the top prize. I want to win. That sounds […]

8 Ways to Refocus Your Parenting Lens

8 Ways To Refocus Your Parenting Lens

Being a mom is a blessing. At the same time it’s hard. Not rocket-science hard, but test-my-patience hard. How can something that looks so simple from the outside arouse the monster in me and crush the wall of sanity that I once deemed indestructible? As a child I put motherhood on a pedestal, holding many […]

But I’m Not That Mom

But I'm Not A Girly Mom

But I’m not THAT mom! kept running through my head. I don’t do smocked dresses or big hair bows. I don’t sew. I barely BRUSH MY CHILDREN’S HAIR half the time for glory’s sake. How can I be a “girl mom” when I’m not even that girly? A picture of stair-step girls all in a […]

Silencing the Self-Critic


For the past few weeks we have been living with a very unwelcome guest. He wakes us up at 4am, and spends the rest of the day coming in and out. To make matters worse, I worry constantly about him hurting himself, so I scurry around trying to make sure he is safe. You see, […]

God’s Big Truth about Mom Guilt

Overcoming Mom Guilt

As hard as we try to shake them, they haunt us. We can’t seem to let go of those times when we lost our temper with our child, forgot something important or gave in when we should have stood firm. Our mothering mistakes seem to get bigger and more permanent the longer we dwell on […]

Thrive Moms Virtual Retreat, this weekend!


Jess here. . .I’ve invited my friend Nathalie to share with you an exciting event that is coming THIS WEEKEND. You guys. . .this event is FREE and doesn’t require you to even get out of your PJs! And you still get to connect with other moms just like you. Perfection! Here are the details. […]

Two Words to Overcome Desperation with Hope

But Jesus

Just before my first son was born, I remember people telling me how much I would love being a mom, and how I would love my son so much that I would feel like my heart could burst. And you know what, they were right. Eleven years later, I can wholeheartedly say all of that […]

Celebrate the Mom YOU Are

Celebrate the Mom You Are Giveaway

When I was in the thick of raising four children, I relied on watching other moms. Moms I aspired to be like in lots of ways. Moms who I believed had it together way more than I did. I could always appreciate a mom who made her own baby food, homeschooled, or had an income […]

The Mother of all Mother’s Day Giveaways

Giveaway Simple Small

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we hope to remind moms to not only celebrate their mothers or gratefully receive sweet accolades from their children; we want to encourage you to celebrate the mom YOU are. Over the next 3 weeks we are opening the doors of our Grace for Moms home to several writer […]