I Need a Do-Over: Learning When to Hit Reset


Do you ever want a do-over? I think we’ve all been there. Sometimes I find myself there on a daily basis. Wishing I could rewind time and respond differently, wishing I could slow down and focus on what really matters, feeling guilty for reacting with anger, impatience, anxiety or stress. Yesterday, I caught myself so […]

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

I’ll never forget when my children were born. When the doctor finally let me hold them for the first time, I remember thanking God that they were healthy, and thinking to myself  that they were perfect. Their little fingers, eyes, and toes completely took my breath away. I was in love. It wasn’t until a […]

To the Mama Who Feels Unnoticed

unnoticed mom

To the sweet mama who feels unnoticed… I see you, precious mama. And I want you to know, you are not unnoticed. For every ounce of energy you pour into your sweet, growing being; you give up a part of yourself. Your time. Your hobbies. Your dreams. And while you may think that most people […]

What Are You Looking For?

Empty Tomb

My children’s Easter best lay in the laundry room, her twirly dress and his white shirt grass stained from their search for treat-filled eggs. There are buckets of candy taking over the kitchen as I wonder how long I must keep those treasures before discarding them for fear we’ll all gain 10 pounds before we […]

Why My Second Chance at Love is Good for My Kids

Second Chance at Love

We’ve all heard that it’s better for kids to grow up with their mom and dad under the same roof. I wouldn’t dream of discounting that theory, as I am an adult-child of divorce, and I know firsthand the damage done to my emotional well-being by not having a “whole” family throughout my childhood. There […]

The Grace of God’s Work

Get Ready

Purpose. A simple word, for which many of us spend our entire lives searching. To discover that one special intention that we believe, in our heart-of-hearts,  we are destined to fulfill. The exact role that will inundate our life with its determined meaning. And to believe that once we have achieved this duty, we will feel totally and completely content.  Pleased. Satisfied. […]

5 Minutes with. . .Lindsay McCaul {+ a music giveaway}

Lindsay McCaul

Y’all, I am so thrilled to have my dear friend and one of my favorite artists, Lindsay McCaul on the blog today. I had the great privilege of working with Lindsay early in her career and now I get to watch her and cheer her on as she blesses the world with her music. Lindsay […]

5 Truths to Add Grace to Your Marriage

Grace in Marriage

When I daydreamed about being married to my Prince Charming, our happily ever after didn’t include disagreements. Who fantasizes about arguing over silly things? If you’d asked me back then what might cause an angry word between “my whole world” and me, I would’ve guessed money. It made sense that finances should take top arguing- […]

An Open Door and a Breeze of Truth

Open Door

She stood there with fear in her eyes. I had done it again. My strong words and harsh tone had crushed her spirit. It had been three weeks since I stopped the medication, cold turkey. I knew that wasn’t the right way to go about it but I had to know if the war of […]

How To Deal With Mean Girls: Advice for Mothers and Daughters

Mean Girls Verse

Ever since my daughter was about nine-or-ten-years-old, I’ve been attempting to explain to her the phenomena of mean girls; how to deal with them, and further how they never, ever really go away. After all, I still had MEAN GIRLS in my own life – as a grown woman! I addressed this partly because I […]