The Promise of Easter: Redemption in the Pain


I feel like my difficult marriage, my divorce and now my subsequent hard-fought and still-coming healing all mirrors the Easter story. My marriage was, sadly, full of darkness and little deaths. Like Jesus on the cross, my marriage was a place of pain and seeming abandonment, by my spouse and what felt, at times, by […]

The Day I Ate Three Desserts


Like a lot of other people, I have some health-related goals for the New Year. Nothing radical, just some plans to move more and eat less junk. Very manageable. I also chose a word for the year related to an area where I believe God would have me focus some attention. My word is intention, […]

A Prayer for the New Year

New Year Prayer

I wanted to write a prayer for us to carry through 2014 as a community. I thought about what the Lord would have us say as we kneel before the throne together as a community. I pondered and I prayed and then I picked up one of my favorite prayer books and read the following. […]

#31 Days, Day 22 Stepping into Grace


As a recovering perfectionist, I find that it is good for me to pursue a deeper level of grace quite often.  Recently, when I would be talking to someone and would pick up on a bit of perfectionistic tendencies, I would often recommend the book, Grace for the Good Girl, by Emily Freeman.  Apparently I […]

#31days, Day 4: Faith and Grace for the Strong Willed Child

strong willed child

This month at Grace for Moms we are talking about stepping out in faith in different areas of our lives. I have been challenged lately to step out in faith and believe that God will help me and my husband parent our children in the grace and knowledge of Christ so that they mature into […]

Kids and My Semi Public Divorce

Unraveling Book

As a writer and a speaker I have chosen to live a somewhat public life. I mean, I’m no Kim Kardashian or anything, but I talk about pretty personal things on my blog all the time. I’ve had people ask me if I worry about my kids reading what I write. And my answer, for […]

Grace for Decision Making: 5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid

decision making

How do you find grace for decision making? I’ve been asking this question a lot lately as my husband and I wade through some important personal and family decisions. Some of the decisions we need to make are of the big, weighty variety and have a lot of ramifications. Others are smaller, and not as […]

A Fool-Proof Formula for Personal Transformation


This post is written in honor of PCOS Awareness Month but whether you struggle with this condition or simply struggle with health and wellness, I hope this post will be an encouragement. A year ago this week, I wrote this post over at The Pregnancy Companion blog in declaration that I was ready to beat […]

Found. . .

Psalm 40

Last night I laid in bed wide awake just listening to helicopters circle over my house and all throughout my community. They were looking, searching, seeking out someone’s baby boy. All I could think about was his mother and it made me physically ill. The thought of not knowing. . .whew, I can’t even finish […]

The Ultimate To-Do List

The Ultimate To Do List

Are you a list person? In a previous life I loved a good to-do list. Ticking off the boxes, crossing out the words, feeling that sense of accomplishment. Because once it’s crossed off, it’s done, right? {Insert delirious laughter here.} At first it was difficult, motherhood, because I tried to hold onto my lists: the […]

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