Valentines All Day Long {a Round the Clock Pinterest Round-Up}

Valentines Round Up

I love the idea of making a DAY out of holidays. I also love SIMPLE. Here are a few simple suggestions for making Valentines Day fun for your kids all day long. Rise and Shine, Buttercup // Imagine your kids waking up to a cute heart-shaped bunting draped over their bedhead, window frame, or door. Fun, […]

Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin In Me

Let there Be Peace

I find myself fighting against anxiety on a daily basis these days. It’s as if there is a full blown war going on against the peace in my soul. At first I thought it was just the pressures of motherhood but it’s moved on to attack my marriage, relationships and the atmosphere in our home. […]

The One Thing We Can’t Miss Out On This Christmas


We pulled out the Christmas decorations ready to deck our halls. My 6 year old had been begging us for weeks to “please put up the Christmas tree.” The time had finally come Thanksgiving morning. We started upstairs and before we could unpack the first box, my husband hurt his back. He laid on the […]

The Rhythm of Rush

Rushing River

I am so thrilled to have my new friend, Elizabeth Spenner on the blog today. When I read this post I knew it was something we all needed to hear as we head into the holiday rat race. I pray this reminder blesses you and helps you take a deep breath, slow down and find […]

Easy Peasy Pinterest Round Up: July 4th Ideas


I don’t know about you but July 4th kind of came so soon, I’m totally not prepared. We’ve decided to gather with the family at one of our houses {final plans are still up in the air}. With birthday busyness and a new job for my husband, we’re just thankful to have a day off. […]

Easy Peasy Pinterest Round Up: Father’s Day


Y’all know we’re not all that crafty around here. This space is about grace, not achievement or perfection. Which is why we don’t gravitate to posts about perfect parties or DIY projects or gifts. We love those things, we just want to give you permission to do them YOUR way, and without pressure. . .not […]

How to Share a Family Passover Meal

Passover Meal

It can be incredibly daunting to think about sharing foundations of the Christian faith with our children. Ideas such as immaculate conception, death and resurrection are way beyond our own understanding, let alone that of our kiddos. But the very essence of faith is taking the unseen and unbelievable and believing with hope. . .a […]

8 Simple Tips for Hosting an Easter Egg Hunt on a Budget

Easter Egg Hunt

Every year my husband and I host an Easter egg hunt and morning tea for our friends with children. We love the opportunity to gather all the littles together to do something interactive and fun, as well as the chance to spend time with other parents celebrating this important holiday. Here are some things we […]

The Most Important Question Moms Can Ask at Easter

Easter Eggs

Most years Easter rolled around and I couldn’t help but quietly lament about the lack of pastel colored peanut M&Ms and Hershey’s kisses available to me. I’m a sucker for holiday treats and Australia doesn’t have the options I had become accustomed to growing up in Oregon. Holidays overseas always brought my homesickness bubbling to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to The Lent Experiment

Beginners Guide Lent

I grew up in the sort of religious establishment that outlawed short skirts and Jon Bon Jovi records. As for Lent? Lent was for Catholics. The only Catholic I knew owned a Jon Bon Jovi record, a Jon Bon Jovi poster, AND Jon Bon Jovi jersey-knit bedsheets. . .so, she didn’t count. Even though I […]