Three Strands {Mission of the Month}

Three Strand

I am so excited to introduce to you to the founder of Three Strands, Stacy Coleman.  The night we met we instantly connected. We both walked through infertility and both of us now have 3 kids, but what connected me to her most was her passion. Get her talking about it….and it is inspiring. Personally, […]

Grateful for What Is: Reflections on a Failed IVF Cycle

Garbage Truck

This time, he didn’t bring home flowers. But in his defense, I took the phone call. And I already knew. This baby was not meant to be. The first time around, when we conceived our twins, we didn’t “cheat” and take a home test. We faithfully waited until the second of two blood tests and […]

PCOS Part 3: Getting Pregnant {Featuring Pregnitude: A New Natural Supplement}

getting pregnant

Often one of the first things that women hear when they are given the diagnosis of PCOS is that they will be infertile or at least have a challenging time getting pregnant. Such news can be devastating. What I prefer to tell women is that we know there is a problem, BUT we also know […]

Song Story: Take My Hand {Autographed Music Giveaway}


One of the heaviest questions of the Christian faith has got to be why God allows bad or hard things to happen to his people. We ponder this conundrum as we watch others walk through heart-wrenching times but the question truly challenges our limited understanding when we ourselves are facing difficulty or great loss. I […]

Still Standing After Losing a Child {Giveaway}

pregnant heart

Having children was expected, even assumed, in fact, it was my right.  As a woman, it was part of what I was created to do. When my husband and I thought it was a good time to start our family, we expected to be pregnant in a month or two, maybe three. Twelve months passed, then twenty-four. […]