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Empty Tomb

My children’s Easter best lay in the laundry room, her twirly dress and his white shirt grass stained from their search for treat-filled eggs. There are buckets of candy taking over the kitchen as I wonder how long I must keep those treasures before discarding them for fear we’ll all gain 10 pounds before we […]

The One Thing We Can’t Miss Out On This Christmas


We pulled out the Christmas decorations ready to deck our halls. My 6 year old had been begging us for weeks to “please put up the Christmas tree.” The time had finally come Thanksgiving morning. We started upstairs and before we could unpack the first box, my husband hurt his back. He laid on the […]

Jesus and Me Bible Storybook {review+giveaway}

Jesus and Me 2

I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin our Lenten journey next week. The more I think about helping my kiddos build their relationship with Jesus, the more thrilled I get. If you haven’t yet downloaded your FREE guide, do it now and pray about joining us! And y’all, I’ve found the PERFECT […]

The Gift of Each New Day

Lamentations 3

I am writing this blog while eating at Chick Fil A on the way home from a whirlwind last minute 12-hour Christmas trip. Nothing wrecks my nerves more than playgrounds at these places so my husband always graciously allows me a few minutes to myself while he watches the kids. Here I sit scrambling to […]

Accept the Gift

Accept the Gift

My mother was a generous gift-giver. Not only did she give in abundance, she always looked to give something special and personal to the recipient. I’d like to think I got my social grace from her, though I may never attain her thoughtful generosity to the fullest. Nowadays, in all our practicality, we’ve lost the […]

Christmas Lights {Crista}

Christmas Lights

Some of my favorite Christmas memories in our family are centered around lights. My whole life is actually centered around light…it has risen to the surface as a theme of my existence, a passion in my heart and a marker of my identity, so when I think about it, it’s no big surprise that the […]

The Perfect Books to Accompany Your Advent Journey

Advent Books

I am so excited about our December Tommy Nelson resource spotlight because friends, these books are PERFECT to accompany the Truth for Tiny Hearts Journey of Advent! As my daughter and I read through them this week, she got super excited that we had already been talking about these important people in our advent readings. […]

Live Your Truth: He Died For That Mess

Romans 8 Redemption

My life used to be perfect. I had the husband, the two kids, the sweet little house; I was running a ministry at a church I loved; I was writing books and speaking; I had great friends. Then the wheels came off. Or, more accurately, the wheels had been wobbly and precarious for years and […]

3 Ways to Find Grace for Your Marriage in Parenthood

Grace for your marriage in parenthood

Once you have kids, romantic sex becomes frantic sex—meaning you try to have sex quickly while the kids are asleep, occupied or at grandma’s house.  I heard someone say this recently and could not stop laughing.  There is so much about parenthood people do not share with you when you are preparing to have a […]

The Pursuit of True Love

Jesus always goes out of His way to reach our hearts

My husband and I took a little three-day weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina recently to see some old friends. It’s become a bit of an annual getaway in which we leave kids and all the cares of regular life behind (sort of) and just enjoy the special richness that comes from a decade-long friendship. […]