With The Cross In View

With the Cross in View2

Calm run this morning. The motion of my feet hitting the pavement, tears falling from my eyes, raising my hands to the dark clouds that are about to unleash his promises in forms of pure water. . .exactly what my broken heart needed. Joy and pain collide in my soul a lot these days. Where my heart […]

On Grief and Gratitude


They stood at the counter cutting out leaves and quickly recording on them the things for which they are most grateful. As I hung their thanks, I realized that kids – most often – are first and foremost thankful for people. Mommy. . .Daddy. . .My Brother. . .My Cousin. . .My Grandma. . .My […]

#31 Days, Day 14 A Moment of Silence


Sometimes we find ourselves at a loss.  Sometimes we lose the privilege of getting to live life on earth with loved ones.  Even though we often have the hope of seeing them again, our heart grieves for  what could have been and what should have been.  Friends and family offer words of comfort.  But even they […]

Longing for Heaven After Loss, Heartache, and Grief

Longing for heaven after loss, heartache, and grief.

Last month I joined that horrible, beautiful, painful, holy club – the one with membership not decided by the members themselves. The one spoken of in hushed tones and with downward glances. The one filled with women who never wanted “in” to begin with. I joined the mothers-who’ve-lost-babies club just days after Easter when we lost […]

Still Standing After Losing a Child {Giveaway}

pregnant heart

Having children was expected, even assumed, in fact, it was my right.  As a woman, it was part of what I was created to do. When my husband and I thought it was a good time to start our family, we expected to be pregnant in a month or two, maybe three. Twelve months passed, then twenty-four. […]

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