Help Through the Grief of Miscarriage

Help Through Miscarriage

Miscarriage is often suffered alone and in quiet.  This can make the grief feel heavier and isolating.  I want to share all that I can of my own story with the hope that it will strengthen others.  Each person’s experience and way of grieving is different, but perhaps this will help you or someone you […]

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day-Kristy’s Story


Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  In honor of my own babies, I wanted to share my story. After years of trying to get pregnant, you can only imagine the excitement we felt once we heard that we had a positive pregnancy test. Even though our infertility doctor couldn’t offer an explanation […]

Longing for Heaven After Loss, Heartache, and Grief

Longing for heaven after loss, heartache, and grief.

Last month I joined that horrible, beautiful, painful, holy club – the one with membership not decided by the members themselves. The one spoken of in hushed tones and with downward glances. The one filled with women who never wanted “in” to begin with. I joined the mothers-who’ve-lost-babies club just days after Easter when we lost […]

Song Story: Take My Hand {Autographed Music Giveaway}


One of the heaviest questions of the Christian faith has got to be why God allows bad or hard things to happen to his people. We ponder this conundrum as we watch others walk through heart-wrenching times but the question truly challenges our limited understanding when we ourselves are facing difficulty or great loss. I […]