How to Let Freedom Reign Beyond Summer

How to Let Freedom Reign Beyond Summer

Popsicles, fireworks, homemade ice cream, swim suits, and BBQs…the things summer is made of!  With Memorial Day, end of the school year, family vacations, and 4th of July all lined up together it’s easy to see why Freedom easily becomes the theme of summer. The history behind our freedom and the promise of it makes […]

What We Can Do While God Asks Us to Wait

While God Asks Us to Wait

It was a day I prepared for most of my 6th grade year. I was part of a traveling team for basketball and grew leaps and bounds in my development as a player, only to be told at the start of my 7th grade career I didn’t make the cut. I distinctively remember the ride […]

Do You Stumble, Hinder, or Launch?

Do you stumble hinder or launch

On a crisp fall afternoon, a nurse softly placed my very first pink squirming life in my arm and God pushed the start-button on motherhood. Fast-forward twenty years and my tiny bundle is driving back to college after a weekend road trip with her girlfriends. Independent, strong-willed, determined to succeed in a world I tried […]

Remembering the Miracle of Motherhood

Remembering the Miracle of Motherhood

Hey beautiful mom. I see you there. You’ve finished another day in the trenches of motherhood. Weariness is settling into your bones, and you’re wondering how you can do it again tomorrow. This role as a mom is funny like that; all the joy and happiness twisted with the hard and painful. Every mother has […]

When Busyness Stings Like a Bee

When Busyness Stings Like a Bee

It happened while we were driving home the other night. I had picked up my daughters, five and seven, from their first night of arts camp at our church. We had screeched in a minute late only an hour and a half earlier, after we had waited for my husband to arrive to take over with […]

In the Morning When I Rise Give Me Jesus

In the Morning When I Rise

It’s Monday. And this time I’m meeting the week with hope and expectation but there are times this is not the case. Mondays when I dread the week ahead. . .my never-ending to-do list. . .the lack of structure that summer brings and the anxiety that comes along with it. Been there? Or are you […]

10 Things I Learned about Life on Our Beach Vacation

10 Things I Learned About Life on Our Beach Vacation

Like many families, we headed out last month on our beach vacation hopeful to relax, connect and find a little adventure to help us refuel after a long season of busyness. I planned to unplug for the most part, deleting Facebook and other distractions from my phone. I longed to be present, to truly engage […]

3 Simple Ways to Tame a Competitive Mom Nature

3 Ways to Tame a Competitive Mom Nature

I hate to have to admit this but I’m a pretty competitive person. Whether it’s a simple game of Monopoly or the annual Dillard’s sale each January {you know – the one where the whole store is like 75% off}, I want to finish first…to take the top prize. I want to win. That sounds […]

8 Ways to Refocus Your Parenting Lens

8 Ways To Refocus Your Parenting Lens

Being a mom is a blessing. At the same time it’s hard. Not rocket-science hard, but test-my-patience hard. How can something that looks so simple from the outside arouse the monster in me and crush the wall of sanity that I once deemed indestructible? As a child I put motherhood on a pedestal, holding many […]

What No One Told Us About Motherhood

What No One Told Us About Motherhood

He looked at me from under a windshield wiper of blond hair tossed side to side as he scribbled on squares of copy paper. His gaze met mine when we both realized I was watching him. I smiled at his mom, owing her an explanation for staring at the pair beside me in the bagel […]