Giving Thanks in All Seasons of Motherhood

Give Thanks

< Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 107:1 {ESV} My one word for focus and inspiration for 2014 has been “intention” – approaching life with a deliberate pattern of action, savoring each moment, focusing on the most important things. And as we approach this […]

Looking At Our Schooling Choices With An Eye On Others

Colored Pencils

The beginning of the school year has always held excitement for me.  I was that kid who loved back to school shopping and that teacher who’s head swarmed with ideas for my classroom set up. However, it’s a hard pill for me to swallow that soon we will be waving farewell to the laid back, […]

Is it Okay for our Teenage Children to be our Friends?

Mother and son (13-15) at swimming pool, mother using laptop.

I have made it a point in my mothering to make sure I had super close friends around me so that I would not be tempted to use my children as sounding boards. In fact, there’s a part of me that wonders if I’ve swung too far to the other side of the spectrum, not […]

What to do When Your Child Has a Favorite Parent


Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Psalm 127:4 Does your child have a favorite parent? It seems like every mom I know has at least one kid who has a favorite parent. In my house, my son makes no effort to hide that daddy is his favorite. […]

Is Your Fear Stealing Your Child’s Joy?

Little Superman

If it were up to me, my children would be permanently wrapped in bubble wrap when they leave the house. Head to toe. Protected from the world. Or, better yet, they’d wear helmets all the time and in every scenario. Extreme, I know. Fear, the kind that cripples me and keeps me from living my […]

A Message to Mamas at Home this Summer with Little Ones

Baby Swinging in Summer

I love summer…now. As the mother of a 9-year-old and 6-year-old, we are in the sweet years of beach days, bike rides, hours of independent outdoor play, and trips to the strawberry patch that are actually fun and productive. But I remember the summers of years past. When I was raising babies and toddlers and […]

Freedom from Entitlement: A July 4th Manifesto

American Flag

Summer is such an interesting time to observe my habits. Maybe it’s the lazy days and lack of structure but I feel like the worst of myself comes out between June and August. I’m having such a hard time getting into the zone of productivity, healthy living and focus. While I want to remain carefree […]

When Your Summer Script Gets Rewritten


Today’s guest is one of my {Jess’s}  favorite people in the whole world. Donna is a friend, mentor and second mom to me. We’ve walked through a lot of life together and she has poured so much wisdom and love into my heart. As we look to gather in women from all stages of motherhood, […]

Diary of My Summer Break: Mom Edition

Diary of my Summer Break

Summer Break, Day 1: The class fish is dead. That’s right, folks. Mrs. Larson kept a goldfish alive all year for her kindergarteners and then asked for a “caring home” to take him in at year’s end. In my house he lasted less than 48 hours. I guess I should have bought him food yesterday, […]

Do You Need to Let Go of Your Teen this Summer?

Keep Calm and Let Go

I was all set to write about three ways to spur my teens on this summer, giving some practical tips on ways to connect or ways to encourage them or ways to whatever. But that’s not where I’m at these days. I used to be that kind of mom. With lists of things for them […]