With The Cross In View

With the Cross in View2

Calm run this morning. The motion of my feet hitting the pavement, tears falling from my eyes, raising my hands to the dark clouds that are about to unleash his promises in forms of pure water. . .exactly what my broken heart needed. Joy and pain collide in my soul a lot these days. Where my heart […]

The Good and Perfect Gift of Every Parenting Season

Spring Flowers

“Mommy, why do grown-ups get so sad when their kids get older?” It’s bedtime, and I’m tucking in her in, my nine-year-old in new spring pajamas. The season is changing, and her bare arms look long and lean. Some things have remained the same, though – nightly snuggles and chatty questions to stall the process. […]

For all the Single Moms {and those who care about them}

Single Mom

Being a single mom comes with many unique challenges. We are the good cop and the bad cop. We do the shopping and the cooking. We do the dropping off and the picking up. We make all the decisions and then have to live with all the consequences. All the while wondering if we’re doing […]

The Most Important Question Moms Can Ask at Easter

Easter Eggs

Most years Easter rolled around and I couldn’t help but quietly lament about the lack of pastel colored peanut M&Ms and Hershey’s kisses available to me. I’m a sucker for holiday treats and Australia doesn’t have the options I had become accustomed to growing up in Oregon. Holidays overseas always brought my homesickness bubbling to […]

Rethink How You Think {review + giveaway}

Happiness of Your Life

It’s been seven months since I began my journey to wellness. Seven months and 33 pounds lost. I came to the end of myself right around the time my mom was in the height of her battle with cancer. I knew I needed to make a drastic life change in order to look to the […]

Motherhood: A Drink Offering

Drink Offering

I often refer to this season as The Fire That Is Motherhood. You’ve felt the heat, haven’t you? Been singed a bit by the flames? Had a few selfish ways burned to dust? This Jesus we’re following along a Lenten path can identify with flames and scourges and pain infinitely greater. He endured the cross […]

How To Live An Inspired Life


I found myself with thirty free minutes this afternoon . . . thirty minutes to myself because my toddler fell asleep watching a movie on the couch. We don’t bother with nap time anymore, so sleep-filled afternoons are a rarity. Snuggled next to him I didn’t realize he had dozed off until I heard his […]

Everyday Romance: Finding Beauty in the Little Things

Everyday Romance

In February, my Facebook feed brims with the theme of romance.  Pictures of rose-filled vases, giddy descriptions of lavish Valentine’s dates, and the usual scattered laments of unmet expectations or frustrated cynicism over it all. I have participated in the hoopla. After all, I love my husband like crazy, and we enjoy spoiling each other […]

How to Beat the End of January Blues

Flowering Desert

Maybe you started this year off with grand ideas of change and plans and a blueprint for a better life. And maybe a few weeks in to the new year you’re already seeing those hopes deferred as life doesn’t look terribly different in January than it did in November. Regardless of the “if only’s” and […]

More for 2014: A Fresh Look at Ephesians 3:20

Ephesians 3

With the start of a new year I have been dreaming about all I would like to accomplish in 2014. And I have been praying.  Praying that God would help me accomplish my goals, that he would help me live each day intentionally with His purposes at the forefront of my mind and just that […]

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