Unlocking Your Grown-Up Dream

Unlock Your Dreams

I live in a world filled with dreamers. Tiny ones. I constantly find myself lost in toddler conversation. About one day becoming princesses. {Including, of course, which specific ones.} Doctors. God’s messengers in our world. Those innocent, “When I grow up…” discussions. As a mother to three sweet beings, in addition to serving as an elementary teacher to […]

Trading the Life I Once Lived for the Blessing of Children

Children are a Blessing

As my husband and I chatted with friends at a recent holiday party, I wondered if we were the only ones there with a child. It turns out that we were. All night people complimented us on how great it was that we went out to have fun, and how sweet our baby was to […]

Where’s the Cheer Section?


And as for you . . . sisters, never tire of doing what is good. 2 Thessalonians 3:13 I am blessed with a family who shows up in full-force for sporting events, award ceremonies, and graduations. They boom and scream, even when they’re not supposed to. They bring bullhorns. It. Is. Awesome. Even as a […]

How to Weather the Seasonal Storms of Parenthood

Storms of Parenting

The other day I woke up as mom to a beautiful, emotional, erratic tween girl, and a tenderhearted, curious, hilarious seven year old boy. They have each been living in my home since their births, but somehow, things have changed—and in a sneaky, overnight kind of way. Just a few months ago, my husband and […]

Welcoming Ashes and Watching Chains Break

Lent Reflection

I have never received a cross of ashes across my forehead.   This ceremony has not been a part of my faith tradition – not something I observed in my church as a child, or that I have participated in as an adult. Growing up, Ash Wednesday was simply the beginning of Lent, a season that I […]

The Grace of God’s Work

Get Ready

Purpose. A simple word, for which many of us spend our entire lives searching. To discover that one special intention that we believe, in our heart-of-hearts,  we are destined to fulfill. The exact role that will inundate our life with its determined meaning. And to believe that once we have achieved this duty, we will feel totally and completely content.  Pleased. Satisfied. […]

Dear Expectant Mom

Dear Expectant Mom

Dear Expectant Mom, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough with the discouraging blogs and horror stories of pregnancy and motherhood. Before my son was even born, I was told I’d never sleep again, nor shave my legs; that my house would reek of spit-up, and I’d be lucky to make it to […]

Mary’s Response: The Only Question We Should Ask God

Mary's Response

Christmas time for me is all because of one main story, the story of Jesus and his virgin birth. We have all heard it from the time we can remember; Gabriel, an angel of the Lord visited Mary and brought her the news that she is going to have a baby! Do not be afraid, […]

Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let It Begin In Me

Let there Be Peace

I find myself fighting against anxiety on a daily basis these days. It’s as if there is a full blown war going on against the peace in my soul. At first I thought it was just the pressures of motherhood but it’s moved on to attack my marriage, relationships and the atmosphere in our home. […]