A Prayer for Moms in Transition

Prayer for Moms in Transition

Whether you are sending your child off to school for the first time, sending a teenager off to college, or beginning some other new season for yourself, you might be feeling the pains of transition right about now. Remember back to childbirth, or maybe the videos in childbirth class {if you haven’t permanently blocked it […]

A Back to School Prayer for Teachers and Students

Back to School Prayer for Teachers and Students

It has been a joy to see these prayers spread across the world via Facebook this past month. Over 5 million people have viewed and are {hopefully} praying these words over our teachers and students as we start a new school year. My hope is that these prayers would be spoken regularly over the men […]

Remembering the Miracle of Motherhood

Remembering the Miracle of Motherhood

Hey beautiful mom. I see you there. You’ve finished another day in the trenches of motherhood. Weariness is settling into your bones, and you’re wondering how you can do it again tomorrow. This role as a mom is funny like that; all the joy and happiness twisted with the hard and painful. Every mother has […]

A Prayer for Moms in Survival Mode

Prayer for Moms in Survival Mode

Any mamas out there feel stuck in survival mode? I see that hand. I, too, am more familiar with this place than I would like to be. The never-ending cycle of mothering tasks can be enough to make you certifiably crazy, even on a good day! Laundry, dishes, and cooking are my trifecta, and when […]

The Mother Heart of God: A Mother’s Day Prayer

Mother's Day Prayer

Dear God, I had this idea of what sort of mom I’d be before I had kids. My head was filled with all sorts of rules and scenarios and principles and discipline techniques. With a background in early childhood development I was confident in my abilities to manage tantrums, navigate picky eating preferences, recognize developmental […]

Praying Words of Truth Over Our Children

Praying Words of Life Over Our Children

I knew from the minute that he was born, I’d have to begin the process of letting go and sharing him with the world. But the world doesn’t love him like I do. They don’t know him like I do. They won’t treat him like I do. What will I do then? How will I protect […]

Family Faith-Building: Teaching Kids about Prayer

Teaching Kids about Prayer

My idea of prayer became completely turned upside down after our first miscarriage. When you believe with all your heart for something you know God has ordained for you to do and you have people proclaiming life over your body and the tiny person occupying it, only to lose that life. . .well, it’ll change […]

What to do When Your Child Has a Favorite Parent


Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Psalm 127:4 Does your child have a favorite parent? It seems like every mom I know has at least one kid who has a favorite parent. In my house, my son makes no effort to hide that daddy is his favorite. […]

Praying for Boys Book Review

Praying for Boys Book Review

  When I found out I would be having a boy, I panicked a little. I’m the girliest of girls so I knew what to do with my princess. But a boy? What on earth do I do with a boy? And harder still. . . What if I don’t raise him to be a […]

A Prayer for the New Year

New Year Prayer

I wanted to write a prayer for us to carry through 2014 as a community. I thought about what the Lord would have us say as we kneel before the throne together as a community. I pondered and I prayed and then I picked up one of my favorite prayer books and read the following. […]