Should Sex Hurt?

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As a gynecologist I’ve learned that every woman’s definition of  ”normal” is different. This is especially true concerning sex. I have seen women who put up with pain for years thinking it’s normal, while others come to my office with every twinge. Sex should be a highlight of the marriage relationship, not something looked at […]

Help Doctor I Have No Sex Drive! Part 2: Tips for Boosting Libido

Help Doctor, I Have No Sex Drive: Tips for Boosting Libido

As an OB/GYN, I see women who experience decreased libido on a daily basis. Most think they are alone in this issue, but the truth is it’s extremely common. In a recent study of married women, 40% reported low sex drives and 13% reported no sex drive at all. In our hypersexual society, where the […]

Help Doctor, I Have No Sex Drive: Part 1

Help Doctor, I Have No Sex Drive: Tips for Boosting Libido

“Everything looks and feels normal. You should get your pap results within the week. Any other concerns?”  I ask as I finish the annual check up of one of my long term patients, a busy mom. “No, all is good.” she replies with a smile, attempting to look relaxed in her paper exam gown. But as […]

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