Simplify the Season


Parties, gifts, programs, lists, lists, and more lists. We want to make memories.  We want to cherish it all, and in the process make it look beautiful and creative.  The month of December tends to fly by. It’s almost as if Thanksgiving comes and before we know it we are bringing in the New Year. […]

How I Spent My Summer Break

Summer Break

When I was a kid, I loved summer break. My mom was a fourth-grade teacher, so everything about summer was different than the rest of the year in our house. There was lots of playing outside, swimming with friends, and a much slower pace of life. This idea of a slower pace sounds very different […]

My Best Organizing Tip

My Best Organizing Tip

Getting organized. . .two words that either excite you {as they do me} or send you into a fetal position in the corner of the room. Regardless of which camp you fall into, or if you land somewhere in the middle, here’s the encouragement I want to give to you today: Don’t let your stuff […]

A Wise Christmas Gift Plan That Will Point Your Child To Christ

Three Christmas Gift graphic

It’s gift week here at Grace for Moms! If you love gift-giving {and gift-receiving} as much as I do, I’m sure you have already stashed away a few items for your loved ones or perhaps you are preparing lists and beginning to scope out sales. If you haven’t yet thought about Christmas gifts, no worries. […]

{KISS} the Holiday Rat Race Goodbye

Holiday Rat Race

It’s only December 3rd and already I’m feeling it. You know…the calendar filling up as fast as my tummy is {what with all the treats flowing in}. I want to do it up, I really do. But not at the expense of my personal peace. Remember that old adage KISS – keep it simple, stupid? […]

{Simply} Love Out Loud

Love out loud. Simple. Einstein.

For the second week in a row I spoke at a youth camp. What? Teenagers? For two straight weeks? (I do littles, not teenagers.) Hold me. But these weren’t just any teenagers. They were teenagers wanting to know more about missions. Okay then. I’m your girl. Sign me up. There was one small problem – […]

Are You Really Going to Wear That? The No Brainer Wardrobe {Giveaway}


I’ve found that simplicity and fashion are just as much about what’s not in your closet as they are about what is in it. A couple of years ago we were putting our house on the market, and two of my very dear friends came over and helped me go through every single item in […]