Relax, Refocus, Refresh

Mom Relaxing

“Don’t just do something, stand there.” I recently read this quote in a book about realizing and doing God’s will. The author {Blackaby} was arguing that much of the time we busy ourselves with things that may not be bad, per say, but really are not God’s will for us at the moment. As a mom, […]

On Knowing Your Limitations

On Knowing Your Limitations

Sometimes I convince myself that I can handle power tools. I can’t. This fact has been proven time after time. And yet, there’s something about an exciting idea combined with the weight of a cordless drill in my hands that convinces me of my ability to make this time the one that goes well. These […]

Prayer for the Tired Mom

Prayer for the Tired Mom

Most moms I know are T-I-R-E-D. In fact, most women I know are tired, whether they have children in their home or not. There are so many responsibilities laid on us, along with pressures from every angle to look a certain way, behave a certain way, etc.…it’s no wonder we’re exhausted all the time. In […]

Home of the Frazzled, Land of the Barely Awake

frazzled and barely awake

Last night, my little family of five stood in our driveway and watched a slew of brightly colored fireworks grace the night sky just a few miles away. The display was magical, and the moment was one I’ll hold onto forever. Looking down at my little brood, I was struck with how much I’m going […]

3 Ways to Find Grace for Your Marriage in Parenthood

Grace for your marriage in parenthood

Once you have kids, romantic sex becomes frantic sex—meaning you try to have sex quickly while the kids are asleep, occupied or at grandma’s house.  I heard someone say this recently and could not stop laughing.  There is so much about parenthood people do not share with you when you are preparing to have a […]

5 Things to Do When You Pray and Nothing Changes

Praying Mom

It has been going on for two years.  This problem my husband and I have.  It is a problem that affects both of us and yet was caused by neither one of us. We have spent plenty of time and money trying to solve this problem, but the thing we have done most is pray. And […]

5 Ways {besides a spa vacay} to Take Care of Yourself

Spa Beach

We are wrapping up our Family Focus series today. We’ve shared about volleying the serve in our marriages and lavishing love on our kids. Today I am excited to address our need to talk care of ourselves as well. So grab a cup of coffee, find a quiet corner of your house and join me […]

How To Walk With Your Kids Through A Difficult Time

My family is going through a difficult time right now. Well, better put, I’ve made some choices that are affecting my children. They seem to be weathering things okay but they also could be little codependents just putting on an act so I don’t feel guilty. Only time will tell. But one thing I’m trying […]

I Had a Bad Day

Carson Bath

 “Here’s your dinner.” I said, with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, as I sat a plate of corn and hamburger helper in front of my 2 year old. “No, want bisa-keen!” he screamed. (interpretation: want ice cream!) “You can have ice cream after dinner, sweetie. Eat your corn. You love corn.” I replied […]