How Embarrassing! The Incredible Blessing of a Goofy Mom

Goofy Mom

I was 13 or 14 years old, and boy, was I hot stuff! At least I thought I was…especially the day I decided to flirt with a bunch of construction workers—much older construction workers—while my mom ran into the bank. Our car was parked several spaces away from the construction site, but close enough for […]

Are YOU Robbing Your Teen?

Robbing Your Teen

What does the average week look like in your home? Do you make all the meals, do the laundry, clean the house with little help from your teenager? If this sounds like you, you might just be robbing your teenager. The definition for the penal code of robbery is: To take something by force or […]

Using Story to Inspire Your Teen’s Decisions


One of the greatest gifts God gives his children is free will, but I sometimes wonder if he’d consider temporarily taking that gift away from his teens. Or…if he won’t suspend their free will…maybe he’d consider giving moms a temporary super power: the ability to jump into the skin of teens just long enough to […]

3 Rules to Guide Your Mother Heart

Mother and Daughter

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Dickens penned those lines in A Tale of Two Cities but I could write them at the end of almost every day. I’m the mom of a nearly-fifteen-year-old daughter. It’s a beautiful, hard thing. Beautiful because I have this incredible privilege to watch […]

5 Truths to Add Grace to Your Marriage

Grace in Marriage

When I daydreamed about being married to my Prince Charming, our happily ever after didn’t include disagreements. Who fantasizes about arguing over silly things? If you’d asked me back then what might cause an angry word between “my whole world” and me, I would’ve guessed money. It made sense that finances should take top arguing- […]

A Parent’s Guide to Your Child’s First Smartphone

Teens with Cell Phones

Parents, consider yourselves warned. There comes a time when children no longer wish for bicycles and Lego sets for Christmas. Tomorrow, your child might start begging for a smartphone. Children can start whining as early as first grade with their plead rising to a fever pitch around middle school, intensifying with each passing year. Tweens […]

Seeding and Watering Your Teen: Tips for Successful Faith Talks

Tips for Teen Faith Talks

Not too long ago I was sharing some incredible biblical truth with my 7th grade girls’ Bible class when God sent a very sweet reminder via one of my students. I was winding down the class discussion and preparing to transition into some independent work time when one of the girls rather abruptly raised her […]

How I’m Letting Go of my Teenagers this School Year

Teens Keys to Life

My seventeen-and-a-half-year-old daughter was just picked up for a semi-date by a boy I know. I was standing in the house, he was outside on the other side of the screen door. I’ll call him ‘Steve’. Me: “Steve?” Steve: “Yeah, Ms. K.?” Me: “Please don’t kill her.” Steve: “Okay, Ms. K.” And so it goes. […]

5 minutes with…Annie Downs on Being Brave

grunge image of a field

I am so happy to have the amazing Annie Downs on the blog with us today for our 5 minutes with…series.  Annie is contagiously funny and authentically perceptive. She is a blogger and an author of three books – Let’s All Be Brave, Perfectly Unique, and Speak Love.  Annie also loves traveling around the country speaking to young […]

Do You Need to Let Go of Your Teen this Summer?

Keep Calm and Let Go

I was all set to write about three ways to spur my teens on this summer, giving some practical tips on ways to connect or ways to encourage them or ways to whatever. But that’s not where I’m at these days. I used to be that kind of mom. With lists of things for them […]