The Most Important Item on Your Baby ‘Registry’

"Mom, I don't need all that stuff. I just need you to know what you're doing."

I have been wanting to do a post about baby registries for months. The more I thought about all of the new tools and contraptions that pop up almost daily for moms, I realized it would be nearly impossible to complete a comprehensive post on the subject. If I did attempt “The Top 20 Baby Items You Must Have on Your Registry” post, let’s face it. . .it would be filled with 20 items that I love. . .that I’ve heard people say they love. . .that I’ve read on other blogs that people love. How could I possibly know what you will love or need for that matter? A few months back I did do a post called, “Our Essential New Mom Toolbox” which was filled with items that I have loved in the past year as mom to an infant. But it was far from comprehensive. I merely scratched the surface of possible aides to assist mother’s of newborns. So, aside from that post, for now, I’ve decided to not even try to tackle the fun and exciting adventure of gearing up for baby. . .well, not in the equipment sense anyway.

I have been working these past few months on the manuscript for The Baby Companion book release. As I’ve asked God to show me what he desires to say through us for new moms, there is one word he’s engraved on my mind. If there is one “item” to hope someone wraps up and delivers to you at your baby shower. . .If there is something you should pray your friend or family member drops by when you are in the hospital after delivery. . .If there is one gift you will never need to return, it’s


“Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

In this scripture, King Solomon implores readers to “get” wisdom. More than any other tool, he confidently places wisdom at the top of the list.

Friends…for every season of our lives but perhaps most of all the early years of motherhood, wisdom is the most important tool we can acquire. It’s not something we can order on Amazon, it’s an asset that comes from reading the Bible, prayer and the selective counsel of others. I say ‘selective’ because not all of the counsel you will receive as a mom will be wise. Which is why, most of all, wisdom comes from above, through God’s leading.

Enjoy your time preparing for baby and dreaming about bedding and little girl dresses or little boy shoes. Don’t miss out on the fun of choosing every, little bit of gear that will aide in your days with your wee one. But don’t get so caught up in nursery decor and stroller options that you neglect to “get” the main thing. Ask everyone in your sphere to offer it up in abundance. Then ask the Lord to help you sift through every well-meaning piece of advice to find the wisdom that is meant for your family.

This way, you’ll be geared up and ready when baby arrives.

Mamas, what’s the best piece of wisdom that you were given before your baby arrived? {Not advice. Wisdom. There’s a big difference, isn’t there?!}

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