What Freedom Looks Like

This is an important and joyful day for Americans. The day we celebrate our independence, our determination, our strength, honor and valor. Freedom is a precious thing, bought with the sacrifice of many who have gone before us. I am grateful.

But, did you know that freedom doesn’t only apply to nations and people groups in a political sort of way? In fact, freedom is very personal. Freedom is an amazing state of being that each person who follows Jesus can experience in a deep, life-altering way. You see, our freedom was bought with the sacrifice of One who went before us. And we are constantly learning new levels of gratitude.

One of the best definitions I have ever heard describing spiritual and emotional freedom is this: “Freedom is not the absence of something; it is the presence of Someone.”

Pause and consider.

Most of us think that our lives would be so much easier if only _____________ were different. Or if only ______________ had never happened. Or if only I could stop _________________. But you can actually be free in the midst of all of that mess. In the same way you don’t have to be a good person before you come to Jesus for salvation, you don’t have to fix all your mistakes and clean up all your messes before you, as a child of God, can ask for His intervention. Jesus paid it ALL with His sacrifice on the cross. He bought your eternal salvation, yes; but He also bought your fullness, healing and deliverance for this moment. He has taken back the keys of death and hell and you are not a slave to them any longer! Did you know this?! Then why are so many of us Christians living a beat-down life full of failure, sorrow and misery?

We have been deceived.

We get into the rhythms of life and think, “This is just how it is. It probably won’t ever get any better, so I just need to accept that this is my life.” Let me tell you, sister, that is Classic Lie #1 from your nemesis, the devil. You might be thinking that your kids will never learn….your husband will never change…your baby will never sleep through the night…your bank account will never have enough money…you will never accomplish the dream in your heart… The devil says “NO! Nothing will ever change! Just sit down, be quiet and keep to yourself.” But your Savior says “Yes, all the promises of God are YES in Me. I have spoken a YES over your life, and when you open your heart to Me, I can move mountains, make rivers appear in the desert, change hearts, heal wounds, provide enough money, parent your children, reverse curses. Nothing is too hard for Me.”

What does spiritual and emotional freedom look like? It can look like you. You can be the new poster-child for freedom if you want to be. You don’t have to keep your hands tied together by circumstances or past hurts. You don’t have to wear the ball and chain of wrongs done to you. Jesus holds the keys, and if you have given your life to Him, you have full access to those keys.

Is there something that the Holy Spirit has bubbled up to the surface for you? Something that has you bound? Come with me to God’s throne of grace and let’s bring it to Him together!

Father, I am bound by ____________________. I can’t shake it and I desperately need You to come and break the bonds. Thank You, Jesus, for paying the price for me! Thank You for rescuing me and holding the keys to my freedom! I want to be free, Lord. Lift this off of me and fill me up with your Spirit, in Jesus’ name!

I agree with you by faith that Jesus has broken your bonds and you are a free woman! Maybe this is YOUR independence day…

One thing I have learned as I have walked out my own freedom from depression: you WALK out your freedom. Freedom is established choice by choice, moment by moment. Once the Lord has set you free, don’t go back to the old way of thinking! Be free!

These are some very helpful resources that have taught me how to walk out freedom in my own life:

Think Differently Live Differently, by Bob Hamp

Unveiled: The Transforming Power of God’s Presence and Voice, by Alan Smith

Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer

Freedom Ministry classes through Gateway Church (free online video for Foundations classes, free online audio for Topical classes)

What would spiritual/emotional freedom look like in your life?

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